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  • Diamond

Buried Treasure Mod.

This mod could be used for lore purposes like during the civil war people buried guns etc.  



Helicopter Mod.

Its a helicopter. 

You need a key from the author, a deal can be sorted if @Roland wants to add this. 




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Treasure mod with the photos and stories looks like a great idea - another thing to pursue IG. Heli mode - taking cars performance into consideration... that's an initial no. How realistic is the flight itself - is it arcade or do you really need to have some knowledge and skills?

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  • Event Master

Isn't there a mod suggestion thread already? Maybe use that one instead of making a new one. 

I voted yes on the helicopter mod. Would be sick for events too.

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  • Emerald

i voted too quick. Forgetting to look at the "Lore, people buring guns in the civil war." If i saw that before i voted then i would change my votes :))) 

I say yes for both, even tho i voted no on tresure mod too quick.

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  • Diamond

I really like the idea of the buried treasure mod. But not too sure how i feel about the helicopter mod. Id rather have the focus be on cars and other vehicles before adding a helicopter.

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  • MVP

I'd love to have some helicopter in the game, but I got a feeling that they're gonna be an even buggier than the cars. I have seen the way cars de-sync and teleport around? Now imagine that whilst flying a helicopter.

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  • Sapphire

Please no helicopter mod yet, game can barely handle multiple cars in the same vicinity.

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