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[Livonia] Looking for an adventure.


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An Aussie accent breaks the through the static silence as she presses down the PTT.

"G'day everyone. Name is Mal and as of late I've been wonderin' about the interesting parts of the country people don't tend to travel through. Ehm... So honestly whoever hears this throw out some cool place for me to visit, I'm shit at being a tourist."

She shifts and lets out a sigh over the radio before continuing.

"Literally just give me anywhere I don't care if it's dangerous or not, just tryin' to keep myself busy and aware of places. Thanks!"




"And no shithead answers yeah?"

She lets out an annoyed huff of air then releases the PTT.

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A transmission hits your radio.

"This is yours truly, host of the Radio Refuge, The Radio-ra-ra-maaan...maaaan...maaaaan...aaaamannn"

The voice becomes more distorted, as he tries to shut down the recording. Deep voice in a slowed down part of the recording can be heard once again


Finally he pulls out the cables and you can here the transmission again.

"...ut the FUCK up! Oh... shit... sorry about that. Well at least now I know that piece of shit isn't working... Let me introduce myself, I'm the Radioman, host of Radio Refuge, 106.2. Pleasure to meet you, Mal. So... you would like to travel and visit places around Nadbór Region? Well let me help you! Even that you haven't picked the most beautiful part of Livonia to visit during your Winter Break... Apocalypse... Break? Out-Break? Haah! I was saying... yes... Nadbór Region is full of old military training grounds so please watch your step while venturing from the main trail!

He scratches his neck and clears his throat before speaking.

"The P.O.I I could recommend... well do you like swimming?! Hmmm... maybe it's not the best weather to swim. Well... Do you like water!? Like... not the rain... shit... Ok, there's a place I like to refer to as Three Lakes. It's in the North-Eastern part of Nadbór Region, close to Biela River. There are three decent sizes lakes there, a truly beautiful place to spend some time. One of the lake, which name I will leave for you to discover used to be refered to as The Drowners Lake... due to some grim legends surrounding that place. Once you'll see that lake - you'll know. And if you believe in legends and myths... don't go into the water after the sunset... or during the full moon. You know what, maybe don't swim at all, how about that?"

He looks at the cigarette pack in front of him, reaches out for it but turns his hand into a fist and holds himself back.

"A hike along the northern bank of Biela river is also a trip worth mentioning. While there, why not to check misterious locations marked with three red dots on the maps found on boards along the hiking trails? One of them you'll find just north of the river, in between Grabin and Kolembrody - the rest is for you to discover.

He scratches his neck again, takes his hat off and tries to comb his greasy hair with fingers.

"While you're travelling along the Biela river towards the west, enjoying the beautiful views in the whole Biela Valley, why not to go medieval!? Not... Pulp Fiction medieval... like go back in time, visit the monuments of the past? If yes, then Branzow Castle awaits you! Who knows, maybe you'll find a souvenir there!?"

He takes a brief look at the cigarette pack as his tongue rushes through his lips.

"Those are the places I can recommend for your first hike, tho I'm not sure if any of them isn't... claimed by the New World Settlers at this moment. But there are a lot of beautiful places in my country, discovering the rest of them I'll leave to you, fellow survivor."

He reaches for the cigarette pack to pull out an unfinished cigarette butt.

"Mal...just remember - the more south you go, the more wildlife you'll find. Stay on the trail, respect the wildlife, preserve the forest, carry a big gun and you should be good. People... it's meeting people you should be worried about"

You can hear a sound of a match being struck as he lights up the cigarette and takes a deep drag of it. While releasing the smoke he says.

"If you'll ever need more information, a guide or a simple company on your hike - be it on the radio or in person, reach out to me on my personal frequency 106.7. Safe travels, Mal."

He puts the radio away and leans back in the chair, taking another drag from his cigarette.

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  • Emerald

*Liking the sound of her accent Wulf Chimes in*

"Oi oi, Sweetheart, If your looking for adventure , look no further, handsome business man Mr Wulf here..."

*The sound of a metal door opening can be heard.*

"Oh wait you said no shithead responses... My apologies."


"Next time you happen upon a hiking map, the ones on small billboards along hiking trails, give it a good look over."

*Shoulder barges a seized metal door open*

"There's archaeological sites dotted around the regio... Oh my goodness there's like twenty infected in here"

"Okay, yeah, bye."

*Wulf Chimes out*

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  • Legend

Mal presses the PTT down.

"Appreciate it guys, I'll check those places out. Then update ya' on my star rating and shit... yea... hmmm... also good to hear from you Lev. Glad to see you're still alive. I'll keep in touch."

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  • Diamond

*Dex hears the transmission and pulls out his radio*

"Im in the same boat as you... Im currently wandering around aimlessly. I dont know where i will end up or where i even am at the moment. But if you find anything worthwhile. Please contact me." I made a earlier transmission inquiring about odd jobs. I know sounds weird looking back on it. But ive heard Sitnik is a pretty nice place. Ive never been, but maybe worth checking out?"

*Dex sits at the bottom of a tree to rest*

"But for real. Im sick of wandering alone, i need something to do, people to help. Something. Anything. If you find something please send me a transmission. Stay safe out there."

*Dex clips the radio to his bag and carries on hopeful he will get a response* 

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  • Legend

Mal takes out her radio and holds the PTT down, sounding a bit groggy she replies to the guy.

"Glad to see I'm not the only one in the 'midlife crisis' but hmm yeah. I'm currently on the way to Sitnik... so if I get any word about an odd job you'll be the first who'll hear. Otherwise I suggest sightseeing; so far the country people have been pretty safe to be around so I'm not worried about traveling far."

Sigh lets out a long yawn, the sound of moving can be heard, "Either way see ya 'round, I'll try and find something for ya'."

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  • Diamond

*Dex hears the response and clicks his radio*

"Seems kinda weird to 'sight see'... But what the hell, ill give it a go. Just hopefully those wolves stay away this time."

*He Chuckles*

"Also this Sitnickie lake seems interesting maybe ill give it a look here soon. Hope you will be around guys..."

*Dex slips his radio away and falls asleep*


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  • Legend

Mal holds down the PTT and lets out an annoyed sigh.

"Hey! The Mr. Wolf man? Archaeologist dig site guy? Yeah... you listen I'm gonna need some directions cause my dumb ass got lost in the woods... while going to both of them. If you can either point me to a tour guide or pretend to be a tour guide that would be great."

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A short transmission hits your radio

"If you need a guide, we can surely figure something out. Reach out to me on my personal frequency 106.7. And if you're still lost in the middle of the woods, it will be hard to narrow your location down and give you directions,, unless you can provide some more details about landmarks you see etc."

Transmission ends

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  • Emerald

*Seriously contemplates dropping everything to go and play tour guide, before chiming in*

"You know... I'd love to, I really would. but..."

"Well, there's this little thing involving a serial killer... You know how it goes. Peaks your interest. You investigate..."

"Next thing you know, you're sleeping with a military grade claymore next to your bedroom door."

*Lights up a cigarette and puffs it*

"If I was to lay a recommendation down... Mr Frannik here. The Voice of Radio Livonia. A Native son. And the last person to speak before me."

"He's a good man and knows the region better than most"

*Wulf chimes out*

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  • Diamond

*Dex hears serial killer and stops in his tracks*

"Did you just say what i thought you just said... A serial killer? Now i really want to play a game of hide and seek."

"Anyone down for a little hunting party?"

*Dex chuckles and keeps on walking*

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  • Emerald

*Wulf chimes back in quick"

"Is it hide and seek if he hides on a roof and shoots a twelve gauge at ya?"

"Chimes out"

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  • Diamond

*Dex quickly responds*

"Well yeah. If he found me and shoots me i guess he wins huh?"

"But who doesn't love a good mystery, any more info on this serial killer there guy? Just a little curious. But hey, what better adventure than hunting a serial killer anyone down for a little adrenaline rush?"

"If not thats fine I guess, this will be the last time i annoy ya."

*Dex concludes the transmission and anxiously awaits a reply*

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  • Legend

Mal responds nervously, a twang of annoyance also evident in her voice as she spoke.

"Well... not only did you send me in an area with a fuckin' serial killer to begin with... I had to wild goose chase for this fuckin' archaeologist dig site. I have half a mind to beat the shit out of you if I ever see you! That thing is either covered  or just a shit place to tour. I'd almost take the serial killer over walking in the backwater woods of nowhere for 8 hours." 

She sighs heavily before continuing. 

"Either way this isn't some killer hunting radio am..pm..  whatever. Keep your detective/killer shit out of my waves."

The radio clicks off.

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  • Emerald

*Withholding his laughter, Wulf Chimes in yet again*

"Oh my goodness, what, are, you, complaining, about, now?"

*Pauses for a moment*

"Wut? I didn't send you anywhere with a serial killer. He was last sighted between Tarnow and the Soup kitchen"

"However you, miss, went for the most... Lara Croft sounding answer you heard"

"I dont blame ya, i'd of done exactly the same. But honestly i had no idea what you would find there"

"So my apologies"

*Chimes out*

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A strong southern accent cracks through the frequency, the surprise in Wrenn's voice almost palpable -

"Well, I'll be fucking damned... Mal?! Lev?! Where the hell you sons of bitches been! I ain't 'ear shit from y'all in a fuckin' lifetime and now you're off taking joyrides round this country? You best believe I'm coming to knock your asses out. I missed you fools.."

The woman breaks into relieved laughter before continuing on,

"You best let me know where you are, I'm on my way."

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