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Public Service Announcement (Open freq)

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*The Stranger presses down the PTT and remains silent for a few seconds, contemplating what to say*

This is... uh... public service announcement... Careful when you travel through the woods along the Western mountains.

If you have to travel through them... I urge you... don't go alone and travel in the day.

*He pauses for a few seconds and his voice gets more shaky*

There's... umm... someone... or rather... something in those woods that doesn't want people there.

Don't disturb the forest... don't cut any bushes... don't cut any trees...

and definitely do not stray off the trail.

*Another long pause follows before the PTT is finally released*


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Presses down on the PTT

"What ya on about amigo? You're ganna have to give us more than that. If you're too scared to tell us, then I'm calling it a bluff."

Releases the PTT and sicks back and relaxes 

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Harsh coughing is heard as the PTT is pressed down

"They're called bears my friend, and they are ruthless be goddamn careful or you will end up as their next meal. Seen someone who did not go down very well with one.!

The PTT is released and once more the man lets out a hacking cough

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*Dan turns his radio on and presses the PTT*

"Bears ? here ? can't remember seeing one here...
You had a drink too many my friend?"

*Dan puts down the radio*

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He laughs and then presses the PTT

"Bear? That's it? I thought it was something serious. I wouldn't be too concerned. Just mind your own business and keep a rifle close. I wouldn't stress over such an animal. I've killed a few already. That's what having a rifle can do for you. Toss them some raw meat and they will leave you alone."

He sips his last beer down and releases the PTT. He sets his radio down and lets a relaxing sigh. 

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*The stranger presses down his PTT with a sigh and laughs nervously*

Ha... I can't force you to believe anything... I'm no animal behaviour expert or anything... but

*ahem* I don't think bears string up people's intestines and severed limbs in the forest like some kind of sick Christmas tree.

Be careful out there...

sometimes the bears are the least of your problems.

*The stranger releases the PTT*


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He picks the radio up and presses the PTT 

"Well in that case, fuck 'em! I'm living in the west now and sleeping like a baby. I'd like to see them try and string me up."

He laughs and releases the PTT and goes back to sleep

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