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Lost in the blizzard- Dr.Ruby Esmerald. MIA

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*Ruby Takes cover inside of a dead, hollowed tree. she sets her overly heavy backpack down and pulls a hatchet out. After inspecting it quickly she stepped out and started hacking trees away. after she gained some firewood just as her teeth began to chatter. she picked up the firewood and made her way back to the hollowed tree. she quickly made a fire in the shelter of the dead tree and began to warm up. Once she could feel her fingertips again she pulled out her journal, and a pen that still had some ink in it*

"lost... completely lost... I don't know where i am... i haven't seen the sun or stars for 4 days now, i don't even know if im still in chernarus if i'm being compeltely honest... I can't see 20 feet in front of me, the wind is strong enough to push a man over... this blizzard is relentless... I have enough food to last me quite some time but... god i don't know if it'll be enough.... I'll have to ration it for sure... i'm not gonna be hunting anything in this weather...

it was supposed to be a simple hunting trip... a simple and easy hunting trip... get some food bring it back home cook it and everyones happy... but no... mother nature has to shove her icey dildo up my ass and curse me with a god damned BLIZZARD! FUCK!"

*Ruby angrily smacks the tree. as she's writing. she shuts the book, keeping her thumb between the pages as to not lose her spot. she rubs her head. frustrated with herself... after she calms herself she returns to writing*

"God... we were so close to being able to just run away to a secrete place and just living off the land... we were so close... so... god... damned close... and now... Kats out there all by her self... what the hell am i supposed to do..."


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