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Server time (UTC): 2020-08-10, 05:02
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S1 Chernaurus Invalid Kill/RDM at 7:19 CST 12/09/2019

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Server and location: S1, Military Complex in NW Airfield north of tents

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7:19pm CST 12/09/2019

Your in game name: Logan Moyer

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: N/A

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Offroad left at front gate

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A

Detailed description of the events: Parked in military complex north of tents in NW Airfield, ran through containers and up to command/jailhouse building, opened doors and ran in and heard a bam sound as soon as I stepped through the door and fell over dead.

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Connection logs

00:46:44 | Player "Logan Moyer" is connected
01:28:01 | Player "Logan Moyer" has been disconnected

William Leepzig not online during the time of death

Hit Logs

01:19:23 | Player "Logan Moyer" (DEAD) hit by Player "William Leepzig" with LandMineExplosion

Kill Logs

01:19:23 | Player "Logan Moyer" (DEAD) killed by Player "William Leepzig" with LKand Mine

Deploy Logs

00:35:06 | William Leepzig deployed Land Mine

Calling in the following to give a detailed POV and any evidence.

Logan Moyer - @logan_moyer OP

William Leepzig - @Discam54

Because @Discam54 hasn't visited the forums since Thursday, he will be temped banned till he posts his POV.

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Since @Discam54 has not been online for sometime and has failed to respond to this report, we will be closing it.

Should they ever wish to be unbanned and regain the ability to play on our servers, @Discam54 will need to create a ban appeal.

We apologise for the inconvenience @logan_moyer.



Closed by @Conor & @Inferno & @Rover

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