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C.D.P.W. Worklogs and Journal (Nicholi Korenskie)

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12/9/2019  11:13

                     Finally arrived in South Zagoria 2 days ago, place seems to be in remarkable shape considering everything that's happened over the last couple of years. It took me a little bit more time than I expected to find the old Dam however it's in remarkable shape as it seems that the original work crew, according to the logs, was in the process of changing out a couple of the turbine's so as a result the entire damn was taken offline completely. According to the time-date's this happened just as the outbreak was kicking into full swing. Unfortunately, this leads to issues of their own, on one hand with the dam offline completely i need to find a way to "jumpstart" the systems. Normally this would be done by a sister plant or a heavy duty 3-phase generator truck, I have neither. On the other hand, with the dam offline and in a "maintenance" mode so to speak, the gearboxes and other systems were properly isolated from the grid. (no surge damage or burnout thank god for small favors ehh?)  I'm headed down to check the turbine and relay rooms tonight. Everything was locked up so not so surprisingly its empty down there, no zeds. Should be able to get a very basic report on things from the logs and some of the mechanical gauges, hell i even found a case of WD-40 in the storage room. Things seem to be looking     NOPE NOT GOING THERE DAMMIT. WE ALL KNOW THOSE WORDS BRING BAD TIDINGS.

Should know more tomorrow.    

Addendum:   FOUND A MRE, RUSSIAN IRP under a desk still intact better yet its meal 5,  god i get coffee tonight  😂     

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12/11/2019 11:34

                  Well, the turbine and relay rooms were a mess. Tools scattered everywhere, parts and the like, though it looks like someone was here after the outbreak. Likely a survivor. Still a lot of the lockout-tagout tags around, most of em were accounted for but there's a few that give me a bit of hope on the situation. Seems the guys name is Arsenault,least the last name is. Managed to get the place cleaned up and got me a list of some of the missing parts, mostly wiring harnesses and basic connecters, I can pull most of it from local factories. Gonna spend a few days scrounging around for what i can. Heard a radio broadcast yesterday, something about some group called Anarchy, guess there some local militia or something so it shouldn't affect me much. Also found the old plaque with the dams name " Sosnovka Dam"  and cleaned it up. Thing shines like new now.  Should have more to report later, I'll be uploading this at the Green mountain Relay when i get the chance, for now I'll keep troopering on.  

Addendum:  Two other things of note today: ran into a group calling themselves the 501st or something like that, maybe a CDF unit that got separated from the main force during evacuations?  I'll have to ask around when i get the chance. there currently claiming the old military airfield but didn't seem to mind the relays or fuses id pulled from the machine shops.  And more importantly, I found the shipment of parts slated for the Dam, still sitting at the rail depot in Chyornaya Bay, mostly just the electrical wiring and relay boxes but the replacement server tower was there too.  I picked up some of the smaller stuff and locked the containers up and took the keys with me. Gear will still be there later, not like anyone would have use for it so ain't nobody gonna mess with it, they'd have to find it first anyways.   

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