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To Any Green Mountain Charity Personnel

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*As Darren Gives The Locks A Couple Shakes He Huffs In Slight Annoyance Before Reaching For His Radio And Pressing The PTT*

”To any Green Mountain personal, I was told of your recent events and decided to make my way over to help you resupply, I found the base open and unlocked so I made a few runs back and fourth from the local town and have resupplied your barrels with some ammo and weapons along with some medical equipment. I returned later in the day to see that the doors had been bolted so I can only assume that you have reestablished your base here. I will remain in the area for a while until I hear back, hopefully we can rendezvous and I can assist you wherever you have need of me. Stay safe out there.*


*Taking his thumb off the PTT Darren takes one last look at the giant tower before heading back into the woods*

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*Logan hears the radio transmission as he's loading materials into the back of his car, he wipes the sweat from his brow and picks up his radio and presses the PTT*

"I thought that place was done with. I haven't made the trip up there since I heard it got raided. I may have some items to help with yalls food supplies. I have to finish my rounds, then I'll refill the car and try and come up there. Hopefully someone will be there. If any Green Mountain Personal can hear this, just let us know when you'll be around if you can*

*Logan releases the PTT and closes the trunk*

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*Hearing the radio come to life Darren quickly fumbles around before pushing down on the PTT*

“Ah was up there this morning and the gate had no lock but when I returned a few hours later after gathering more supplies there was a padded lock on the gate, I hope that means they’re returning to camp however it has occurred to me that it may be an unwanted guest that has taken up residence, I’ll hold out for an official reply. Be careful out there.”

*Releasing the PTT Darren looks up from the radio out of his window toward the gleaming tower in the distance*


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*Georgia hears the chatter over the radio while she's knelt down digging the garden plots.*

*She straightens her back, tosses her gloves aside, wipes her forehead and grabs the radio.*

"Hi guys, my name is Georgia Banks... I'm an old friend of Hunters."

*Georgia pauses, remembering the first time she ran into the friendly old charity member.*

"I know what happened up here, and I know how it's made my friends feel. I'm trying to rebuild for them."

*She looks over at the gate, broken down, temporary barriers in place.*

"Chernarus needs the charity. We all need them..."

"If you're willing to help me rebuild for Hunter and the charity, reach out to me. Many hands make light work..."

*Georgia places the radio down, puts her gloves on and gets back to work.*

Edited by Georgia Banks

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*Darren quickly picks up the radio*

“Georgia, I’d be more than happy to help with the reconstruction, I hope you found the supplies I left behind and have been able to make good use of them. Once I’m well rested I’ll try and contact you again to arrange a meeting, perhaps 15-20 hours from now at Green Mountain? Stay Safe.”

*Placing the radio down Darren quickly grabs his car keys and backpack before making way for a familiar industrial complex*

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