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Looking for a doctor

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*Logan would look down at a ugly stitch job on his thigh that he did and look back at his medical pouch. He pulls the radio off the dash and presses down the PTT*

"Looking for some medical training, preferably someone who is qualified to give me a few pointers in person, cause honestly this stitch job on my thigh looks like shit and it could probably needs to be redone. If you would like me to pay, I can pay in the medical supplies that I have, and if my car is still outside when I wake up I'll offer you a ride as well. I have very basic knowledge that I read from a book. 

*Logan would release the PTT*

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*Drew presses the PTT*

Where are you? I’m more than willing to come help.

*He releases the ptt*

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*Logan wakes up out of a dead sleep when he hears his radio come to life and presses the PTT quickly*

"Uh... I'd really appreciate it, currently just south of Vybor. Once I get up and about I'll radio you again and hopefully we can find somewhere to meet. I visit the soup kitchen often. Anyways, I'm going back to sleep, ill radio tomorrow and try and set a meeting time."

*Logan releases the PTT and passes back out shortly after*

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