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How do you immerse yourself?

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I've been RPing on here since about January and I have never felt immersed, I've just had a lot of fun doing this. Is there certain things you do before you RP in order to get in the mind of your character? What should I do in order to get immersed.


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Much like a well written character in a book, it feels much more real if you can relate to your actual character in some way.

By that I mean, don't play a communist because you are a real life commie, that's basic surface level stuff, I'm talking generally relatable traits, things that make them seem like actual people.

Everyone has strengths and flaws, sometimes when we create a character we tend to forget that flaws are part of what makes a good character really-really interesting.

Personally I have had the most fun playing two characters so far: Jiri Vlasak from Free Territory as well as Maxmilian Vitek Myska from Kameníci and Další Stránka.

Jiri was a Syndicalist, realising however that his version of socialism would not gain enough support alone he chose to band together with all other kinds of Socialists, from simpler free-er versions such as Socialism all the way to Communisn and Anarchism, what made him fun to play was not the firefights or the communist trope but rather the way I made him act as an actual person.

You see, when I created Jiri I sat down and created some guidelines for how he behaves, what his virtues are and what his grievances are and then I try to stick to that as much as possible.

What are his flaws? Some of them are basic flaws, like not being able to stand when elders are hurt, a natural urge to protect those who are old and wise, and unable to protect themselves, both a flaw and a strength by itself, something which could easily lead to situations ingame where he is forced to make a choice.

An old man? He is unable to fight, his fight is over, yet... He is a soldier... And one that swore to fight people like me... Do I follow my brothers and end this old soldier..? or do I stick to my virtues..?

Conflict doesn't necessarily mean firefights, neither do hostile interactions, they serve as a reminder that they are part of life, and much like people go through struggles and conflict every day, your character should go through contradictions and conflicts as well, be forced to put into positions of choice that could change him, or change others perception of him.

Needless to say, Jiri had a good run, it did however end in his demise along with the woman he loved.

Free Territory was amazing, but what held it together was it's leader Kirov, and when he died during an ambush orchestrated by Kameníci, things fell apart, brothers started to doubt brothers, aggressions took priority and people split.

This led Jiri to seek out a peaceful life with his love, but his communist past caught up to him, two nationalists figured out despite his attempts to keep his relations hidden, and both him and his lover were killed mercilessly.


Enough about that however, I could talk about Jiri and FT for ages, it truly was fun.


Maxim on the other hand is on the other side of the war between communism and nationalism, he has a different set of values, values he constantly questions after much interaction with people ingame. I'd go into more detail, but Maxim's story is not over yet, so I'd wait until it's fully done.


The most important thing to remember is this:

Get attached, create and live fond memories, but please-please be ready to let go, if there is anything that can kill a narrative, it is the refusal to let a story end, it not only hurts others but ends up hurting yourself the most, because eventually things will grow stale, and you will look for answers that never come.


With that wall of text done, I'll do you a TL:DR


1. Make sure to give your character strengths as well as flaws, both big and small.

2. Create a set of rules for your character to follow, what is their opinion on X, Y and Z? How would they react if A, B and C happens? Would they react differently if there is something at stake?

3. Write big and hard, but do not be afraid to finish, all stories should come to an end, so if the opportunity arrives, and it adds to a narrative, consider if this could be the end, and how much impact the death of a PC possibly could have, because I guarantee you, death has a big impact on narratives, especially if you aren't the only person attached to your character.

4. Remember, your character may be your creation, but it is also part of a bigger shared story with all of us, try to be open to the narrative, see where the road takes you.

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Put on some music and pretend you are that character! That's how I achieve it.

React to things IG as if they were real, react to people as if they were a actual danger. Try and think and feel like you would think your character does. It's like acting, you know? You have to become that char. in a way to feel "immersed".

I usually stick on some music that gets me in the RP mood, think soundtracks from video games or zombie themed movies and shows. Once I'm walking around or looting, I try and think of the things my char. would. I also think about "what would my char. do in such and such scenario." while I'm idling or doing boring shit IG like looting up.

Have you ever played pretend when you were a kid? Or played with toys when you were younger? Remember how it felt to pretend to be Goku from DBZ or how it was to make believe you and your friends were in a warzone or fighting with swords a massive cool battle. It's like that sorta!

DayZ as a whole isn't that immersive as a game, it's buggy. Glitchy. And a all about mess, at best it feels like a walking sim and at worse it feels like a jumbled mesh of bad code and clipping textures but it's the people and the interactions you have that pull you in and make you feel immersed.

I'd suggest teaming up with someone. We have the mentor program going or something I think now, a good chance to roll with someone IG. Or apply for some active Groups and let them take you with them. 😄

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I listen to music on the way home from work. Usually it's either music from some of my favorite anime or rock from the 90s like Matchbox 20 or 3 Doors Down. Then I go online and shop for different fire arms and see what I can afford. Then I'll talk to my friends online for a bit before hopping on and I just sink into the character and the drama that has developed around him. Once the head phones go on, I get immersed. Once they come off, I'm back into reality. 

I'd also suggest getting together with friends that share common interests with you. People who enjoy the game. Sometimes my friends and I talk about the environment. Just how beautiful it is. I'd just take some time just admiring the world around you. Watch videos of other's RP like Mr Moon and read comics that take place in the post apocalyptic setting. 

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source.gif.0dcbdf8ce3c72bb9150260edbf823ac3.gif *suspicion intensifies*


Back then when I was actively engaging myself in being the best roleplayer I could be and provide my sense of immersion to others, I would find it best to work on my character page. It's best to actually sit down and make an effort of writing a narrative of what kind of person you want your character to be. It may even help to use parts of your real life personality in your character so you can react similarity when a roleplay scenario arises.

To prepare myself mentality. I like to watch youtube videos to practice cultural language and vocal accents of who I portray as. This is especially important if you're an American playing as a Chernarussian player. It may come to be easier for Europeans or East Asia players to understand the historial background and hertiage of their character.

There's a lot of research, like trial and error when it comes to creating a character to be immersed in.

I barely struck the surface of what could be said, so perhaps I can refer you to my favorite Megathread that provides a list of threads created over the years by well-renown respected players. 


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I play with a friend who takes things slow, prone to rushing myself it helps me take a view on things. Though having the urge to record and put things together helps a lot too, that and having a nicely developed character, meet people. Run with people, an you never know. You might just get invited to a group, I did and now I got one of my most interesting characters to date. Also singing whilst I walk down roads is embarrassing, but I find it hilarious because maybe someday someone will see me doing it. 

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