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Taking back what's ours!

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*Logan would lean back in the seat of his car as he over looks Serverograd, the memories he made in this place with old friends begin flooding back into his mind, he pours a bit of kvass out the window in their memory, he looks into the town how the undead has flooded back in and a grimace falls on his face. He pulls the radio off the dashboard and presses down the PTT and begins to speak with a strong southern accent*

"When did we stop fighting? When did we become so caught up with who owned this piece of land or who owned that piece of land that we forgot that it is us against the undead. I keep my opinion to myself when I hear these men and women arguing and bickering like children playing a game and how the rules aren't fair, and these same men and women speak of how there are sheep and then their are wolves. As far as I'm concerned the undead are the wolves and we are all the sheep. We play by their rules and we let them dictate where we sleep, where we eat, and where we call home. I'm the last remaining man from my group, my friends. Gordon and Angus Rattray are gone, Paul is gone, Vlad is gone, Jax is gone, but here I sit on this hill hoping to see the Queen of Severograd herself ride in with her band of followers and resettle this place I called home. So I ask all of you, When did we stop fighting? When did we decide that we would rather hide in the woods than patrol the streets of a settled town and clear out any wandering undead so men, women, and children alike can sleep not worrying is tonight the night they don't wake? When did we decide that the lives of other survivors wasn't worth anything? The undead won't be what drives us to extinction folks, its gonna be our fellow men and women.

*Logan releases the PTT and drinks the rest of his Kvass and tosses it out the window, he opens his door and takes another out from under the snow and cracks it open, he leaves his radio on, but sets it on the dash and watches as the sun falls behind the trees*

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*Drew presses the PTT*

The truest tenacity of man reveals itself when everything is on the line. Speak for yourself, I have never stopped fighting. I lost my leg to this hellhole, to the people in it, yet I still continue to fight to find a cure for this plague. I have lost friends, brothers, sisters, family to this hell, and I still fight to this day. I have lost blood, flesh, and bone from this country, I have lost it for this country, and yet I still continue to fight. The lives of other survivors are worth everything, yet they cost nothing to spare.

We never stopped fighting, we just turned our sights to the wrong thing.

My name is Doctor Drew Williams, and I have one true purpose in this world: To save every soul in this wasteland. 

*he releases the PTT*

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*Logan's radio comes to life with the sound from someone coming over the radio, he steers to car into the opposite lane to strike a zed with the car. he pulls over to the side of the road and listens as the man speaks, after the man finishes he takes another drink from his kvass and picks the radio up and presses the PTT*

"I remember the days when the UN first arrived with the slew of doctors they had in their service, I remember countless bodies they examined and countless times Dr Hope and her team came up empty with their research. I'm no man of science, no man of medicine, nor do I feel like we need to expend any more of our limited supplies trying to find a cure if we can not find a way to replenish all we have lost in the effort, but once we do that I think we should continue to work towards a common goal, but my direction still hasn't changed. Without a effort to cleanse a town of the undead and create a true safe haven, then how can we ever begin trying to replenish our supplies? How can we ever gather the equipment needed to push our efforts for a cure forward without setting up somewhere safe to set up said equipment. We all need to band together and reclaim a piece of this world for the living so maybe...just maybe we can save humanity.*

*He releases the PTT and finishes his Kvass and sets it outside the car, he lets out a heavy sigh hoping the right people heard the transmission, and his words would strike home for the people listening and things would begin to change. He would lay his radio back on his dash and pull back on the road*

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