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The Captive p2 THE PLAN

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"I just woke up because I thought I heard Kat yelling to wake up....fuck, my head is still spinning. I reach over and look in my bag for anything...wait!!! ... Mono blanca...no it looks like it...wait it's the drug I asked Laura to get me... Apparently this drug can make it appear to be dead. Why didn't Russo take this.....that's what he meant can't not give this junkie his lunch...good man Russo."

Hector holds the drug in his hand and flips it through his fingers thinking....than pulls his journal out, slides the pen out of the spine of the book and starts to write.

"I Hector Enrique Del Toro will go the best why I can Russo and take my mono blanca as my last ride, I have only one request...you take me to Saverograd and put me next to Rin, you can't miss the gave outside the hospital..do this for me amigo please, thank you the fun time..."

Hector rolls his sleeve up on his right arm and injects the drug that Laura gave him.... Hector begins to appear sleepy and almost numb...he falls sideways and start to dream and think....

"I will let them put me in the ground dig my way out and find and take that boat we stashed to get to Pacho and the other compound or I might just disappear for a while...Russo won't let me go until I'm dead...this is my way out!!!.....but not the end!"


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God dammit hector GODDAMMIT

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