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Ryan Shepherd

Lying In A Report Clarification

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Hello Staff team.

Am I allowed to blatantly lie (multiple times) in a PoV during a report in order to strengthen my case against the opposing party until video evidence is posted against me, completely outing my efforts of perverting the truth and then say 'oh shit u right' and get away with it like a bat out of hell unpunished?

Currently confused.

EDIT: Thanks for the reply @Inferno, if this is the case, can you explain to me why in the following report:

The claims the OP makes:

  1. He was going 70+, PLUS, Kmh.
  2. He was shot at by 2-3 individuals.
  3. I initiated from behind him.
  4. Claims he did not see me at all, nor me point my rifle.
  5. Claims he thought I might be 'flagging for a lift.'

After I post my video evidence, the facts:

  1. He was going between 30-35kmh.
  2. He was shot at by only myself.
  3. I initiated from the point blank front, side and back of the vehicle.
  4. I ran directly towards him close enough to kick off his wing mirror.
  5. He accelerated as soon as he heard my initiation.

The claims of the OP after:

  1. He was "confident in his speed at first but it must of been lower, must of eased off."
  2. must of "slowed down and had a little swerve.
  3. Realised "original misinterpretation regarding my speed as I genuinely believed I was going faster than I was."

Had i not had video evidence, these claims would of strongly went against me and I most likely would of been banned for it.

The difference between going 70 PLUS & actually going 30-35kmh is very different and not easily mistaken for.

As soon as video evidence was posted his claims did a complete 180 degree turn, how is this allowed?

The verdict also acknowledges that Cow intentionally went non-compliant and saw me initiate but yet makes a report? How was this not deemed false report either?

Requesting the views of @Roland, @Hofer , @Randy and @Voodoo regarding this also.

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No you are not allowed to lie in a report and then immediately change when something shows to prove you’re lying. Once the verdict comes up for that report, the individual who was lying will be punished.

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Not a report lawyering forum

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