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As Captive

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"Finally, two hours of beating...my face and body hurt as if I got hit by a fucken train...good thing I still have my smokes, Hey bitch you have a lite?"


Hector yells at the person with his face covered, Hectors one eye almost shut from the beating he took and blood covering his face and shirt. The unknown guard comes over and lights his cigarette.

"Thanks for the fun time today puto, same time in the morning?" 

Hector sits down against the wall of his cell and hears Russo coming towards him and throw his bag at Hector and says.

"Here Hector here's your bag, I not a complete dick. There a sleeping bag, water, food and your book" 

"Thanks Noah...hey you have a fucken right hook man, but if your bringing the knifes tomorrow...bring them sharp ah, it more fun for me." 

Hector pulls his journal and writes down his first day of captive...he writes down what happened and wipes as blood falls down on the pages as he writes on. One day four more to go!

" If I can do a stretch in Guantanamo Bay, tis will be easy"

Hector smiles and falls asleep with his journal in his hand

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