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Memoirs of a (Fallen) Doctor: Sin to Sin

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Wide eyes look around, searching out one person. Where is she? The screams and yelling are deafening, only shadows in comparison to the ringing in her ears, to the explosions and gunfire.


A voice, then, calling out her name! But there's the tent! Cassandra.. Need to get to...


Olivia opens her eyes, offering a few blinks. The ruined building she had been sleeping in offers a lone creak, likely the aged wood settling in.


Coming to her feet, she opens the door, hardly on it's hinges at this point. 


Soon enough... She's on her lonesome, again, only paper and pen for company.


These feelings of doubt... Reverberating around me like heavy metal. As if I'm stuck inside of a cage, doomed to be here for all of eternity. 



Front Row


I fantasize about leaving, sometimes. Fantasize about taking my own life, fantasize about atoning. The things we've done... No, the things I've done... Are they too much to come back from?


I'm unsure if I'm 'Whisper,' or Olivia, at this point. I should know these things. I should. I shouldIshouldIshouldIshould. Hospitals empty. Buildings empty. Snow. Cold. Coldcoldcold.


If I can't be 'Whisper,' and I can't be Olivia... I will be Mercy. Vengeance and reckoning. A bullet to the head is all the mercy I've seen given. Perhaps I should take notes?


I hardly remember her face, the way it was. Brunette hair, soft, supple cheeks... That single freckle.

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