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A Heavily Distorted Voice

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*you hear a heavily distorted voice come through the radio static and some loud banging sounds*

hello? wolf pack, schultz, Imrich? *heavy static* god damn it. *more banging sounds* how in the fuck do you read polish? screw it wolf pack if you *heavy static* hear *heavy static* blueberry *heavy static* i made it to Livoina safe and sound *heavy static* you see schultz his brother or Imrich *heavy static* them that i am waiting for them here *heavy static*  well i hope they heard that now then where in the fuck do *heavy static* a Polish to English dictionary?

*heavy static continues on the radio*


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*Charles hears the broken up message and pushes down on the PTT*

"I hear someone needs a translator? Well I think you'd be happy to hear that a fluent polish speaker like myself can assist in that... for a price that is."

*He lets go of the PTT*

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