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Rubies Journal. Time with the cartel.

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Ruby finally sits down. The snoring of her loved one keeping the silence at bay, aided only by the howling of the wind outside, and the soft hum of a gas lamp i the center of their shared tent. After running, and running, and running some more she finally could relax for at least a little while. Ruby pulled out her journal and laughs, realizing how long it had been since her last entry. she clicked her tongue, shook her head, and got to writing. 

"this past week or so has been... Interesting... Let's see if i can't summarize what had happened before I go into greater detail. I got picked up by a group of people in a truck after i offered my services to them, they turned out to be a drug cartel. shrugged it off and started helping them out. Lots of cases of overdose. Took up smoking again to help with some stress. have since put it back down before it managed to take hold of me again. 

Had to partake in several battles... found out i'm not good in close combat. best to stick to sniper rifles. 

Almost fell in love with one of the men in charge, guy named Hector, then i fell in love with the drug lord. BUT get this, he was already in a relationship with 2 other women, one of them being a good friend of mine. Kat. when I asked if she would be okay with it, he said yes. the next day he tells her and she is NOT okay with it. that did not sit well with me so i dumped Hector and focused on Kat. I spoke with her more than ever. got to know her quickly as i helped her heal. we both grew a fairly powerful hate and resentment for him, she confronted him... it... it didn't end well... I had to shoot one of the younger members of the cartel. Benjamin... good kid... really, really good kid, I shot to wound, and thankfully he survived. me and Kat got into the Car Hector came in and ran. I had a confrontation with a Combat Medic that hector picked up. Luckily, me and him were friends. he... he wasn't happy. but he let me go... but not before taking all of my food. (but hilariously through the adrenaline rush and the panic i totally forgot about the tomatoes and tomato seeds i had in an EMS case so lucky break for me i suppose.) 

Me and Kat swapped Cars and started driving. Kat... Kat nearly committed Suicide. too close... Way to close to committing suicide... I talked her out of it. and now we search for a new home... while being chased by a Drug Cartel.

I can't take anyone who is allies with Hector... or the Entire cartel for that matter. which... which leaves very dangerous options... "

Ruby pulled the pen away from the paper to look at her only company. with a faint smile she returned to writing.

"You know the saying 'The Enemy of my Enemy' is my friend? yea well that's kinda the only thing I got to work with. During one of the raids when I was still with the cartel. a very clever attack happened. bunch of Irishmen from up north got some really good Intel on us, surprised me. They raided us when it was just me and Kat. took me hostage, Fucked Kat up badly... he got every last bit of information he could out of me, name, Relations, allies, enemies, that sort of thing. he wanted to make sure that i passed on the message. I was panicking and didn't hear the name he wanted me to remember... carved it into my arm... WARD. The Wards and Joyces... and despite all of my ability, it's left a nasty scar... it's not going away any time soon.

So, I pulled out my Radio, and started Testing frequencies... it took me hours and hours of flipping through various Channels. being sure to avoid anything i knew the cartel was on. until i found him. Until that Familiar Irish fuckers voice came through the speaker. then i stood up.... and the car was stolen... NICE...

I arranged a meet up with him... well, he arranged it really. I had to move fast with so much gear on me... i was so tired... I had to arrive within 30 minutes, and when i entered town i had one minute to get through the town to a barn, then to a treeline and GOD MY SIDES BURNED. I couldn't bring anyone i couldn't draw a gun, and i had to avoid zombies... very stressful.. 

but... i met him... this time while he wasn't pointing a gun at me... he was suspicious of me through the entirety of our time together. apparently he sees things when bad things happen around him. by this point i'll believe him... 

he was thinking of people following us. that i had someone following us. until he said he watched me come in, with no one, just like he asked. so he knew they weren't followed. 

Then the night came. and we finally started talking about a protection deal... he wanted more information, and now, while i wasn't under stress, i told him some more weak point of the cartel and more of their allies that i could think of while i wasn't under incredible stress. a few more ties, apparently he didn't know about the Green mountain Charity... Might be visiting them sometime now that i think about it... 

when he finally told me what i had to do in order to gain his trust. he told me I'd have to lose a finger. which can't happen. he told me "In order to prove to me that your committed you gotta lose something for this person you want us to protect" or something along those lines... I couldn't let him take my fingers though... I'm a doctor. losing a finger of any kind would put me out of business. On his terms i offered up my toes, which i didn't need to help her.... and then he said the ear... 

At this stage i was so frustrated. that he was making this necessary evil up to gain his trust. It... it took me a moment to come to terms with it... and then I took a deep breath, and as he was monologing i stood up. walked over and said "Just shut up and take my ear off." for the first time i heard him stop and stutter in surprise. which impressed me, not gonna lie. he pulled his knife out. slipped it behind my ear... i braced for the pain, knowing that it would hurt. i was prepared to do this to get protection for Kat. she needed it. the cartel was after her. he pressed the blade in, i felt blood start to drip and he made a tiny cut. i winced in pain, and just waited. then i felt the pressure leave. and he walked away. saying "alright that's enough". he didn't cut my ear off... The Irish man tested me. he never intended to cut anything off. he just wanted to make sure i'd be willing to lose a part of my body for her. He said he was happy with the fact that i haggled him for the ear instead. 

After a short of exchange, he gave me a shotgun shell and told me to etch my name in it. It was obvious what this was. if i crossed him, he'd use it on me. but what surprised me was when he gave me a similar shell with his name "Eddie" on it. Telling me to use it on him if he betrayed me. 

With that i had a deal. I put the shell in my pocket. got some food from the nearby town, found a KILLER place to set up camp. 

then... i finally headed back to Kat. giving her a hug I walked with her to a temporary Camp. she went to sleep, and I pulled out my journal to start writing. Now she's laying next to me. Beautiful as ever. good night Kat... Love you."

Ruby set her pen down and read over her entry really quickly. then she moved the book mark to the last page, shut the book, and laid down to the one she loved. right next to her Kitty Kat. she shut off the gas lamp that illuminated the tent, and fell asleep. 

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