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Ryan Dudley's Journal

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*Ryan pulls off his thick winter leather gloves and cups is hands to his face blowing warm air into his hands before rubbing them together to get them warm to write* 

  December 5th, 2019 

Ahhh this winter is freezing at night over -25°C which if i do my math right id -13°degree Fahrenheit, God for bid you don't find shelter or make a fire other wise you'll freeze to death in minutes at night and the damn zombies seem to be so frozen that they are harder to kill. *Ryan takes a fresh apple out of his bag and rubs it on his shemog to shine/clean it and takes a large bite from the side* the past couple days have been hectic for the cartel as well we have been getting raided found a traitor/spy and as well Hector and benji were both shot non fatally but none the less we have some cleaning up to do and some revenge to take care of, we plan on leaving Cherno and moving inland a little which will be nice its always nice to get a change of scenery.  Recently i have been hearing of a new land called Linovia  i heard it is a lush beautiful land i have been thinking of fixing a boat and maybe leaving the cold Cherno winter in order to survive the winter in a warmer environment.

-Signed Ryan M. Dudley 



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