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Hello Staff Team.

Could Gamemasters or even Admins clarify the following?

Let me lay out the situation followed by the questions.

So Group A rolls up in a truck, carrying 10 people. They arrive at a camp and begin to look for a way into said camp (this isn't important detail). While in this camp Group B arrives and the two groups work together against the camp due to having issues with the members running the camp. After everything is said and done, Group B walks over to Group A's truck. Knowing fully that it is Group A's truck they don't just jump into the drivers seat attempting to steal it because as the rules follow that means Group A can just kill them for stealing the vehicle (I believe this is true, if not staff correct me however it doesn't have much effect on the next bit). Instead they decide to strip the vehicle apart of tires, doors and start to carry them off. Group A asks several times not to take the tires and parts away and to please stop but they don't. Meanwhile Group B has people start to move around and set up in the treelines as their members actively continue to carry off the parts necessary for Group A to use their vehicle again. 

Now onto the questions:

Would stealing the parts like Group B be the same as if they were attempting to steal the vehicle? Could Group A open fire for this occurring? (This is only if what i said about stealing the vehicle is true).

Would this be seen as baiting? As their members actively set up in the treelines and waited for Group A to initiate.

Could this also be seen as griefing? Even though Group A isn't at their main base or place of residence, could this be considered griefing as they took the tires and parts but had no purpose for them but to just drop it off in the woods further up and hide the parts so Group A couldn't leave or use their truck any further without searching for said tires. 

Or would this be considered troll/bad rp? Even if these characters backgrounds are made to fit what is happening they shouldn't be allowed to skirt around the rules because of this.

Thanks in advance!

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That's baiting. Stealing something in order to provoke an initiation is a text book example.

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