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edgy Dingle

[GUIDE] How to get on the DayZRP Livonia server

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We recommend that you use the Vanilla DayZ launcher, that comes with the game. We have recently experienced issues with people using the DayZSA Launcher, as there seems to be some conflict between the settings and parameters of the two.

First, make sure that you purchased and installed the Livonia DLC, which can be found here:

Second, make sure that you have downloaded and updated all mods from our modpack, found here:
To make sure you get all of them, hit the "Subscribe to all" button


Third, make sure you have all mods enabled, EXCEPT for the Winter_Chernarus mod. An important note, is to make sure that you have "CF" at the top, and "DayZRP Mod" at the bottom, the rest don't matter. It should look something like this:


Lastly, also make sure that you have set your character name, under profile name in the parameters as well, if you are not currently using this launcher.

Follow all of these steps closely, and you should be allowed on the server. If you still experience issues after doing these steps, I welcome you to the Help Desk on Discord.

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