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A Vanilla Guide To DayZ: Livonia

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Awesome guide, the sinkhole is from the Arma 3 Contact DLC, the DLC that originally brought Livonia to the Armaverse 😉 

I wouldn't wanna spoil too much about it, since obviously it wont have the same meaning here on DayZ as it did in Arma 3, but I'll write a spoiler below for those who are interested anyway.


Essentially, the sinkhole in Arma 3 collapsed during a joint Military exercise between Livonia and NATO forces in 2035, the sinkhole appeared to hold some form of organic lifeform that looked like a huge root, which later in the campaign turned out to be a massive alien lifeform which dug incredibly deep into the core of the earth, and thousands of these sinkholes were spreading around the globe, these roots are also the reason for the Alien Ship coming to earth in the first place, however not much comes of it, and I suggest anyone who hasn't played the Arma 3 DLC to go play it 😉 


Also I warned you that this was a spoiler, it even says so on the header, so no complaints that you got nosey aight?

As for the sinkhole in DayZ? Maybe @Craig can come up with some spicy lore, perhaps a military exercise gone wrong?

Russian assault? Who knows.

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Nice thread! Now that theres more info released I can start doing Lore Stories similar to what Major did about Livonia and the playable region.

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Good stuff. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. 

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Wait my screenshots actually used for something?


Great more beans Russian stole from me thanks

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