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Server time (UTC): 2020-09-18, 11:40
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S1 - NLR

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Server and location:  S1, the town south of Gvozdno

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 12/4/19, Around 9:30 -10 ish EST

Your in game name: Connie Bernard

Names of allies involved: n/a

Name of suspect/s:  @Juice Hand + 4 others idk the names

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Forget what it's called but blue truck with bed in the back

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  

Detailed description of the events: 

I was taking the backroads towards Severo and saw a big group of guys roaming the street but decided to stay away cause it looked sketchy. After going down through the trees a truck carrying about 8 guys passed by on the road so I stay back and watch them drive over the hill but didn't see them enter town so I was curious to see what they were doing aaaand fast forward down at the truck they hit a pole and all died. Quite happy with my find I decided to pigeon the stuff and began to place it all on the ground so I could go through it easily. After emptying the truck I started recording just incase someone came back and then a couple second later after I started recording three freshies pop up out of nowhere. I was kinda skeptical that it was the guys who died so once one of them asks to grab stuff and then holds me up I comply. Personally the hostage rp was fine and I was left in a good condition so I have no qualms about that it's just the blatant break of NLR and initiation to grab all the stuff and leave that bugs me. Suffer like the rest of us and just re-gear (or rob people whatever floats your boat).


Edit: Added the video it'll show the little details I've missed in my POV

Edited by APositiveJade

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Connection Logs

00:20:53 | Player "Connie Bernard" is connected
03:43:11 | Player "Connie Bernard" has been disconnected

01:22:14 | Player "Jordan Langford" is connected
01:35:13 | Player "Jordan Langford" has been disconnected
01:35:20 | Player "Jordan Langford" is connected
02:17:02 | Player "Jordan Langford" has been disconnected
02:17:41 | Player "Jordan Langford" is connected
04:24:50 | Player "Jordan Langford" has been disconnected
04:26:41 | Player "Jordan Langford" is connected
04:30:11 | Player "Jordan Langford" is connected
06:24:00 | Player "Jordan Langford" has been disconnected
06:24:09 | Player "Jordan Langford" is connected
06:34:00 | Player "Jordan Langford" has been disconnected

00:20:53 | Player "Miles Mclintok" is connected
02:16:53 | Player "Miles Mclintok" has been disconnected
02:17:41 | Player "Miles Mclintok" is connected
02:23:16 | Player "Miles Mclintok" has been disconnected
02:23:55 | Player "Miles Mclintok" is connected
04:24:50 | Player "Miles Mclintok" has been disconnected
04:27:09 | Player "Miles Mclintok" is connected
04:30:12 | Player "Miles Mclintok" is connected
06:21:53 | Player "Miles Mclintok" has been disconnected

00:21:41 | Player "Ashton Moore" is connected
03:27:54 | Player "Ashton Moore" has been disconnected
03:28:05 | Player "Ashton Moore" is connected
04:24:13 | Player "Ashton Moore" has been disconnected
04:26:41 | Player "Ashton Moore" is connected
04:30:12 | Player "Ashton Moore" is connected
06:57:50 | Player "Ashton Moore" has been disconnected

01:19:08 | Player "Kevin Williams" is connected
04:24:50 | Player "Kevin Williams" has been disconnected
04:27:09 | Player "Kevin Williams" is connected
04:30:51 | Player "Kevin Williams" is connected
04:38:31 | Player "Kevin Williams" has been disconnected

00:21:19 | Player "Cassiel Tallsun" is connected
02:47:42 | Player "Cassiel Tallsun" has been disconnected
02:47:53 | Player "Cassiel Tallsun" is connected
04:16:17 | Player "Cassiel Tallsun" has been disconnected

Death Logs

02:16:23 | Player "Cassiel Tallsun" (DEAD) pos=<8677.0, 11647.3, 222.2>) died.
02:16:23 | Player "Ashton Moore" (DEAD) pos=<8675.9, 11646.1, 222.4>) died.
02:16:23 | Player "Kevin Williams" (DEAD) pos=<8674.9, 11646.2, 222.4>) died.
02:16:23 | Player "Miles Mclintok" (DEAD) pos=<8673.1, 11646.4, 222.4>) died.
02:16:23 | Player "Jordan Langford" (DEAD) pos=<8674.0, 11647.7, 222.4>) died.

Position Logs

02:35:40 | Player "Kevin Williams" pos=<8703.9, 11654.8, 221.2>)
02:45:39 | Player "Cassiel Tallsun" pos=<8680.7, 11650, 222.2>)
02:45:39 | Player "Miles Mclintok" pos=<8702.8, 11652.2, 221.2>)
02:45:39 | Player "Ashton Moore" pos=<8679.4, 11647.8, 220.9>)
02:55:38 | Player "Jordan Langford" pos=<8685.2, 11654.5, 220.6>)




Restrain Logs

02:38:19 | Ashton Moore restrained Connie Bernard with Duct Tape <8702.67, 11652.5, 221.243>


Calling in the following to post their detailed POV and any evidence they might have.

@APositiveJade - Connie Bernard - OP

@Desert Hawk - Cassiel Tallsun -

@Chimera - Ashton Moore - POSTED

@Juice Hand - Miles Mclintok - POSTED

@Worldclass - Kevin Williams - POSTED

@Keeeru - Jordan Langford - POSTED

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my POV: A couple of us were in a truck heading over to novo to go do a raid on a compound.While we were driving there the truck bugged out and we crashed and hit a pole and all died.All of us were highly upset about this do to the nature of the game being buggy.So we all spawned back and i spawned relatively close to were we died.The town we died in is called gvozdno and i spawned near vyshnaya dubrovka so i thought since we died by a bug and we were not in any active situation we could go back to are bodies and reclaim are gear so i decided to take the trip back up there before the bodies despawned because i know the body despawn time is much quicker now and they wouldn't be there for long.So i sprinted up there as quick as i could with one other member of my party that died and got there pretty quickly.When we arrived there we didnt expect to see someone going through the bodies i was actually shocked to be honest.So we walked up and i played dumb to the situation and asked if i could have some guns and gear ran over grabbed the wolf ar15 and held her up with it.We continue the rp with her the whole time while the rest of the group showed up to reclaim some gear they could retrieve.WE made sure she was good to go and told her theirs a lot of things left and that im really sorry she can have everything that left there was some guns food water clothes plate carriers etc.so after i tell her all that i tell the guys we need to leave....Containing to the NLR i definitely broke NLR i realized this after the situation and went and looked up the official definition of NLR and asked staff.I was always under the assumption that NLR was considered for gun fights and situations i did not think it carried over to bugs in the game itself. Im not gonna use that as a excuse and take the punishment deserved.Next time im going to read the rules better and make sure i have a good understanding of them.Sorry to break your immersion or rp experience on the server it was not intentional. 

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My Pov: Just riding in a truck on the way to Novo, The truck hits a tiny pole at like 20 mph and we all die. I spawn in at some castle so I run down the road to a military camp, I notice im extremely close to where I just died. Figuring that it would be okay to go back and grab my stuff because the nature of our death was from a buggy, and had not been in a hostile encounter/ rp with anyone in the area. So I go back and I run into one of my friends, who is half way into telling the girl to put her hands up. I then proceed to gather some of my gear to avoid dying of hypothermia. I then make my way over to the women to rp with her, after me and my 4 friends gather what we could from a 8 man massacre, we proceed to let the women break out of the duct tape and collect the remaining food,guns,belts,backpacks,clothing, etc.

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My POV: We were riding in a truck on the way to Novo to raid a compound, when the truck glitches and we hit the tiniest pole at 2 mph and all die. Because of the nature of said deaths, most of us were pretty salty and wanted to try and recover our gear so we could continue on with what we were about to do in game. I kept respawning until i got the right character model for my character, and I got lucky since I spawned in Krasnostav, which is very close to Gvodzino. I run back to the scene, and some of my friends had already gotten there, one of them had the OP held up, while the others had already regeared. I then grabbed what i could scavenge of my loot, and we let the OP go, telling her we were sorry for the situation, and left her with a TON of loot, food, guns, drinks, backpacks, etc. This was definitely a broken NLR situation as @Worldclass has already stated after the situation was over, and we all thought the same as him. I accept whatever punishment comes our way, and this won't happen again as it was not intentional rule break. 

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My POV: So I was in the truck with like 6 other corp members and we are heading to go raid a base. While going there we hit a lag spike and slammed at a very slow rate into a small pole, and we all died. I spawned as a wrong player model so I decided to exit and choose correct model and when I loaded in I got my nice bald character model. When I got the model, I spawned in Vyshnaya Dubrovka, which is very close to where I died. I started running towards the area and I was behind one or two of us that were closer, and when I got there our stuff was still there in perfect condition, and one of the others was holding up someone there. I proceeded to take my shit back and then role play with the person for a bit. When we left her after getting our stuff back I made sure she had ample supplies like food and such, and I let her have all that we didn't loot already. We then walked off to go raid a base in Novo.


If the OP would be willing to talk OOCly that would be awesome. 

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My POV: I was driving the truck with my Corporation brothers, the truck was moving along and while we were talking, my game hit a lag spike and when my game came back I was dead. I spawned in Dubrovka, which was close to my scene of death, so I ran over in hopes of getting my items and continuing my role-play with my other Corporation members, and anyone else we would perhaps run into on our way to Novodmitrovsk. As many of my other colleagues have said, we did not see it as NLR at the time due to it being our deaths alone, no other players were involved or known to be in the area of our wreck. If this was considered as NLR, I fully accept any consequences that are sent my way, and now fully know the rule for the future.

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Talked to @Juice Hand in discord and agreed to close the report.

Just want the other boys involved who weren't there to just take the time to re-familiarize themselves with the rules. Never hurts to check and wish you guys all the best.

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NLR - @Juice Hand - Guilty

NLR - @Desert Hawk - Guilty

NLR - @Keeeru Guilty

NLR - @Chimeraguilty

NLR - @WorldclassGuilty



The staff team have looked into this case and taken into consideration the request from @APositiveJade to close it. The staff team have decided to keep the report open due to the nature of the rule break.

@APositiveJade sees a truck down the road towards Severograd however when it passed a tree it didn’t continue on its journey towards Severograd. @APositiveJade goes to the truck and finds the occupants dead from a glitch. She then proceeds to remove the items from the dead people she found as supplies are scarce when two people come running up to her and soon pulls a gun on her and initiates and holds her hostage soon after  3 other people come rolling on in and it is found that the people who died in the truck have run back to the place they had died in hopes of retrieving their items they lost.  


New Life Rule – Sometimes glitches happen especially while in a car or a truck there is always that risk that you may not make it to your destination, however you did die and the new life rule still applies. No matter if you die in a firefight or if you die from an infected or die like in this instance a truck glitch you must never run back to the place you died in as that breaks our New Life Rule.

  The following rule that has been broken is


3.4 When your character dies you lose all memories from the situation that lead to your death. You may not return to the general location where you died for at least 1 hour after your death. You also cannot get involved in the same situation that lead to your death, even if it has moved to a different location or 1 hour has passed. Situation is considered the same as long as any side has active kill rights. Server restarts, crashes or other OOC events do not affect these restrictions or time limit. This is known as "New Life Rule" (NLR).


NLR Guilty @Juice Hand – 3 day ban, 10 warning points

NLR Guilty – @Desert Hawk – 3 day ban, 10 warning points

NLR Guilty @Keeeru- 3 day ban, 10 warning points

NLR Guilty @Chimera- 3 day ban, 10 warning points

NLR Guilty @Worldclass - 3 day ban, 10 warning points

Signed: @Scarlett, @Rover, @Inferno

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