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Glitch deaths and NLR

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I would like to hear any staffs members opinion to these questions along with @Roland personal and professional opinion.
Any staffs are welcome to give personal and professional opinions  

So this is pretty straight forward about the rules around glitch deaths since the changes to the gear despawn times.

If you die to the car glitch that causes you to crash or sends you flying into the air and you where not in any situation.  You spawn a town or 2 away and run back is this a rule break you would get banned for or are exceptions made because of the circumstances?

 If It is a rule break should that change? Should glitch deaths have exceptions to NLR timer?

What circumstances is it acceptable to break NLR timer if any?

What circumstances Do staff members think breaking NLR timer should be allowed that its not currently okay to?

@Roland Do you think with the amount of glitches and bugs that should change?


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There are no situational exceptions to rules, if there were any they would be on rule page.

It's unfortunate considered the amount of glitches and bugs in the game, but that's how it works and has worked since earliest alpha versions.

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