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Increase the spawn rate of lockers.

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i have never ONCE found a locker on the server in my weeks here. and now, for some weird reason you cant craft them anymore. so please increase the locker spawn rate or maybe make them craft-able again? im not sure what the spawn rate for them is but i know its abysmally low. id suggest increasing the spawn to to about the same as sheet metal.

Lockers have been a very lore friendly, not easily abused, fun and immersive way of storing gear. they give a sense of ownership to those who use them, they improve rp, and they are also useful for storing stuff. (duh) So PLEASE consider increasing their spawn rates.

Thank you.

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I can agree to this. I'd like to see more Lockers than tents personally. As well as the Padlocks that can lock them up. A small storage unit that can be kept safe. If I'm not mistake, tents are bugged not lockers. 

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Lockers are indeed nice to have around. Crafting them was a bit too easy since metal is common if you look at the right place. Maybe bring back crafting, but increased prices (like 15 metal sheets) that way you need to find at least 2 stacks of sheets.

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