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Dr. Drew Williams' Journal

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Entry 1: ~Date: 12/4/19, ~Day 877 of Outbreak ~1100 Hours

Figured it was about time to make one of these. Keep my thoughts and objectives in check. Winter has set in full force, it’s hard to travel far, the cold keeps me inside. Victims of the infection itself, aside from the initial casualty rate of the pandemic, have starkly dropped. The most frequent causes of death, aside from murder, are from disease and cold. I’ve done what I can to assist the general populace, however with most of my medical supplies expended, I’ve had to put that objective on hold until I collect more. I still have enough supplies to help small injuries, but nothing large. I’ll have to make it back to redwood and talk to Jimmy, no chance of surgery with how low my supplies are. As for attempting to locate the remainder of my team, there has been no change. Captain Jayson has had no contact in over a year, Doctor Allen has gone dark, as far as I know, I’m the only survivor. Contact with my detachment went dark well over a year ago, however there is supposedly UN within the province now. I should try to contact them, however not on public frequencies, could make it hard to assist the province. With winter set, I may have to find some place to set up a camp, It’s too cold to rely on the odd house on the side of the road. My research into the pandemic itself has been on hold for well over a year now, there is little chance of resuming it until I join a team of researchers, perhaps the Berezino group will take me in if I express interest? I still know very little about them. Nonetheless, my goals remain unchanged. 



Entry 2: ~Date: 12/6/19, ~Day 879 of Outbreak 900 Hours


It’s hard to believe how much things can change over the course of two days. Scavenging for supplies in Pavlovo military encampment, I spotted someone in the distance. Following him briefly, we made contact and it took me no more than three seconds to realize who this strange fellow was: Alexander Camille. Well over a year ago, we worked together, not only supporting the Coalition, but also in conducting research into the virus. We lost contact not long after the CDF plane went down. Finally, one year later, in the dead of one of the most brutal winters we’ve experienced out here, he makes is appearance. Really shows how desperate times are getting. We exchanged the last year of our lives briefly, before an idea came to mind. Why not escape? Why do we not go somewhere safer? The obvious hypothesis would be that remaining world powers have quarantined the country. While this is a fair thought, it is quickly disproved by repeated entries into the country. Clearly there is a way out. We’ve begun discussing a way to escape. Our plan: Prepare the necessary equipment and transport in order to escape the country. Find a way to France and procure a boat to cross the strait into Britain. It’s a difficult plan, and preparations will be hard, particularly repairing a car to get us out of here. Nonetheless, I’ve begun preparing a list for supplies we will need. As for the car, I am hoping to get some help from Jack at redwood. Maybe he can help us repair a car...and maybe he’ll come with us. We will likely have four seats, so it is not unreasonable to allow him to invite someone with him. By my estimate, the trip would take roughly 3-5 days, maybe a week in the worst conditions. We’ll have to prepare. Listed below is the minimum amount of supplies we will need to sustain two people for roughly 6 days.


-12 individual cans/preserved meats for food (2 cans per person per day for 6 days)

-2-4 water containers or a jerry can full of water. 

-2-3 packets of Chlorine tablets (Permitting refills from lakes and ponds)

-1-2 axes/hatchets Acquired, yet may be used

-2-3 sharpening stones/rolls of duct tape

-Roughly 200-400 rounds of ammo each

-Jerry can for gasoline  Acquired


-Spare tire

-Tire patchwork kit

-Lug wrench Acquired

-Spare car parts (Inventory permitting) Acquired

-Essential medical supplies (Bandages, painkillers, Epi-Pens, Saline)


Entry 3 ~Date: 12/9/19, ~Day 882 of Outbreak, ~Time 1100 hours


After some time, I’ve made my way north. Decided to set up shop in a highschool. The science lab should prove useful in my research. Working to secure it now, just need nails. I’ve secured a small corner for me to stash supplies to get ready for our trip..if we go through with it. I’ve also managed to get my hands on a car. Assuming it hasn’t been stolen, we should just need some food and water supplies to be ready. My meetings with local survivors have been...scarce. I’ve seen several cars passing by, all of which have given me no second thought and drove off west. They likely are heading towards the military base near Tisy. I encounter two survivors near Bash yesterday, however they weren’t much for conversation and needed little help, so I quickly said my farewells and continued north. Over the radio, I’ve made contact with several others, including one near Vybor who needs help. If my car is still ready to go, I’ll drive out that way and help him. As for Jack and the redwood folks, supposedly Dr. River helped Jimmy, and I haven’t heard from Jack in a few weeks. I still need to talk to him about our trip. Alex has gone dark again, hopefully he hasn’t completely disappeared again. As for our supply list, I’ve collected a good amount of supplies. If we decide not to leave, we can base out of this highschool for our research. Maybe expand to allow others to stay here, however we would need a good amount of nails to secure it. Every window on the ground floor would need to be boarded up, all our supplies would need to be on the second floor. Too many supplies for two people to collect. We’d need far more people. Of course, we can just secure one section of the floor and use that for our research. We need this science lab however. It’s not the standard I grew accustomed to, however it can suffice for now. Power needs to be restored to the building for it to be functional, but I believe we can restore localized power to the wing I’m in. Hopefully I can secure it within a few days, but things always seem to change around here...


On the Road



Entry 4 ~Date 12/16/19 ~Day 889 of Outbreak ~Time 1000 Hours


We finally found a car, loaded it with supplies, and got away from Chernarus. As I write this we’re passing through Central Kopek. While I know this is going to be a great thing for us, I can’t help but feel like I’m leaving too much behind. My entire research team could still be alive and yet here I go to Britain. I never managed to talk to Jack or check in with Jimmy. But anywhere is better than here...right? Nonetheless, we’ve set off now. Our plan is to go around the black mountains, cutting through Takistan into Ukraine and down south, Poland, Germany, France, Britain. If we’re lucky, we won’t have too many stops before we make it there, but when are we ever lucky? Probably going to be writing a lot over the next few days, only brought a few books and we have a week to get to Britain. Two cripples trapped in a box on wheels...what’s the worst that could happen?


Entry 5 ~Date 12/17/19 ~Day 890 of Outbreak ~Time 1300 Hours

Clashing ideologies are the root of all conflict. Almost to the border of Ukraine from Takistan, and we find someone hurt off the side of the road. Alex was driving, fucker almost drove right past him. I nearly crashed the car trying to get him to stop, but nonetheless he stopped. Guy was hurt. Severe blunt force trauma, several lacerations on his right forearm, his chest was torn bad. Said he came near the border and was attacked by a bear. My guess is that he was hiding something, I don’t think a bear would wander this close to Takistan but it doesn’t matter much. We helped him and set him up in a small cabin in the woods. Man would have died if we didn’t help him. Still, the fact that Alex would have abandoned him shows how much he changed from a year ago. Hippocratic oath must not mean much to him anymore...








Entry 6 ~Date 12/18/20 ~Day 891 of Outbreak ~Time 1600 Hours

Stranded! We made it to Poland and things went to shit. Massive fucking storm took us off course. We skidded out and car took a nose dive into a ditch, rolled over the top. Must have damaged the fuel tank because we started leaking fuel. Trunk was jammed shut, had to crawl through the windshield to get out. Cut the shit out of my arms and legs. All our spare equipment was in either the back seat or the trunk, didn’t have a chance to go get it, something caused a spark and our fuel tank caught fire. It was the middle of the night in the middle of a torrential downpour, couldn’t see shit. I was able to keep up with Alex for a while, but the sound of the crash caught the attention of the undead locals. We got separated by a horde. I managed to find some shelter and patch myself up. Storm has passed now, looks to be late afternoon. All our spare equipment was in the car, including my vest and bag. Gonna have to scavenge up some gear and find Alex, hopefully he’s alright. Signs are all in Polish so we’re in some kind of province there. Something about this place gives me the creeps though...can’t help but feel like something is watching me...not to mention the bombed out town I’m sheltering in. Infection hit this place hard...or something worse did.


Entry 7: ~Date: 1/7/2020 ~Day 911 of Outbreak ~Time: 900 hours


It’s been a strange couple of weeks. Was sorting my gear and camp and found the journal buried at the bottom of the bag. First of all, things I’ve learned: Gierlatow (Or however it is spelled) Has two “restaurant” esque camps; the soup kitchen, and Iris’ Restaurant. They both provide survivors with supplies, and is frequented by several people. I see it as a risky place to hang around, however it still is worth checking if I need anything. Last I knew, Topolin had a dangerous group in it, but I’ve heard that they abandoned it, so I’m not sure anymore. Sitnik has a group of Irishmen in it, holding a camp. Was told they needed a resident doctor so I headed there. I’m not too sure about them though, I feel like any research into a cure would be stunted if I were to join them, and I’m confident that I’d make many enemies. They don’t seem like the “Save the world” type to me. I’m on the road to Brena now. Supposedly there is another group there who needs a doctor, but torrential downpour has kept me off the road for the most part, and now I’m lost. Last I saw Alex, he was in Tarnow before we were separated by a storm. We picked up a mute named Pavel, some, I believe Russian, man who had his larynx partially damaged by an incident involving a boat. He can’t describe it, and the only word I’ve heard him speak was boat, the rest has been indiscernible grunting and groaning, colloquially henceforth referred to as “Pavel Noises.” As for other groups in the area, Anarchy is supposedly back under a new name (Alex was furious), and the Corporation is in the area as well. My opinion of the ironically named bunch of bandits (Anarchy) remains unchanged for the last year (verging on two, my god). As for the Corporation, I know very little about them, but from what I hear, they are attempting to find a cure, but their methodology is...shady. I appreciate the effort though, and would like to meet them. If I could find their M.O., maybe it would clear out the lies from the fact. Hopefully, within the next few days, I will. For now, I will continue to make way to Brena. I do need to stop by my stash to grab the electronic microscope. Needs repairs but it will be worth selling. Otherwise, to Brena I go.


*A torn page remains following Entry 7*


My eye...they took my fucking eye... *the remainder of the page is torn*


Addendum, Entry 8: ~Date 1/10/20 ~Day 914 of Outbreak ~Time: 1100 hours


I’ve...recovered. Managed to maintain a steady treatment of the eye. Changed the bandage and ensured no chance of infection. Removed the bandage and replaced it with a padded eyepatch on which I will change the padding every 3-5 days. As for our next move...I don’t know. We talked about our options. Sitnik is still an option, maintain my position as doctor and use them as protection. Of course, there are alternatives…Could always live out on our own, or go with others. Either way, we know our enemy. They made sure of that. 24th street. Sitnik might be our best option to combat them, but Callahan didn’t seem too keen on fighting them the other day. We might be on our own here. I’m recovering my equipment lost at the moment. Medical supplies coming in steady but weapons are...limited. Hopefully I can get my hands on something to protect myself soon. I don’t care how many there are, if I see any of these fucking 24th street people, I’ll be dumping fucking bodies.


Entry 9: ~Date 1/16/20 ~Day 920 of Outbreak ~Time 1130 Hours

Work presses on in Sitnik. I’ve set up a clinic there. Not fully operational yet, but once things are properly set up, with medical supplies and more storage, with a clean area for operations, I’ll be more comfortable. As for the town, the people seem alright. Callahan and Filomena are welcoming for the most part. Couple of the regular townsfolk are a little off putting but other than that, things feel fine. I’ve been trying to come up with modifications for the prosthetic. A problem I noticed is that the metal is wearing down around the foot area. For now, I’ve taken an old pair of boots and made some rubber caps for those areas. It’s working for now, but I don’t want to go scrambling over rocks with them. Another issue came up last night. Storm was raging and I was cleaning out the main area of the clinic when a wardrobe fell over and made a sizeable dent in the prosthetic, close to the ankle. I’ve managed to repair it slightly, but it’s definitely wearing down. I believe the problem stems from the prosthetic being hollow. As much as I don’t like unnecessary weight, if the prosthetic breaks at the damage point, then dead in the water. Should find a pair of crutches just in case… 


*Scribbled less formally beneath*


Check the quarantine camp for an actual prosthetic, or information leading to a higher end hospital, could hopefully find one there. Also there is Topolin. Big ass capital town, might have some information regarding a hospital. Check there tonight.



Entry 10: ~Date 1/23/20 ~Day 927 of Outbreak ~Time 900 hours 


Been out of Livonia for almost a week now, hard to believe. Just went west and didn’t stop walking. Could have turned around like I planned, been back in Sitnik around the time I expected, yet here I sit in a German pub, writing in this fucking book again. I found very little in Topolin. Few bits of supplies that I could make use of, although I did find a manifest regarding shipping out west. Figured I’d try to track it down...guess that’s why I didn’t stop. Damage to the prosthetic continues to be an issue. The weak point at the ankle I mentioned continues to cause issues regarding travel. A hole has wrended open at the weak point. I’ve fixed it using duct tape and a few solid sticks to increase support around it, but I definitely need repairs. If no one out here, who speaks english I might add, can help fix it or modify it, I need to turn around.


It’s odd to think it’s been 50 days since I started writing in this journal. Day 50, Entry 10...How time seems to fly. Means I’ve been out of Chernarus for over a month...only time in the last two and a half years I’ve left the country. Left South Zagoria plenty of times, but never Chernarus. Whatever, Chernarus just makes the past feel more like the present.


Winter is coming to an end and it’s fortunately, starting to warm up. Will make travel much more convenient. I hope to be back in Sitnik by next week, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ve met very few people out here, but Germany is just as fucked as everywhere else.


I’ll be “home” in the next few days.


*The following pages are scribbled out, although there are indents into the page, showing that something was written*

Back to Livonia


Entry 11: ~Date 2/7/20 ~Day 942 of Outbreak ~Time 900 hours


Finally back in Livonia, although after what happened in Germany, I’m not entirely sure I want to be back here. Set out a broadcast regarding Jack. Don’t know if he’s around here, but we’ll see.


First things first: Gotta go to Sitnik and check in. I’m not sure I even remember my code, but I’m sure I’ve been kicked out. Lost a lot of my supplies, gonna need to go scavenge for more. 


I’ve made enough repairs to the prosthetic to be fine for now, but there’s always a chance it won’t hold. I’ll be keeping an eye out for a proper prosthetic. 


Alex and Pavel are gone, nowhere to be found. Other than that, not much has changed about this place. Cold, wet, and just as dangerous as everywhere else.


Entry 12: ~Date 2/10/20 ~Day 945 of Outbreak ~Time: 0800 hours


Been in Livonia for a little while again. Soup kitchen moved to a summer camp near Sitnik, and I’ve been kicked out of my home in Sitnik (no surprise there). The soup kitchen is just like it was before, giving handouts and generally being helpful. When I first arrived, I had to help diagnose another doctor. Two doctors had already given their diagnosis previously, and I provided very little that wasn’t already known. I also met a guy named Blake. Seems alright, he was nearly mauled by infected when I found him. Brought him to the soup kitchen to keep him safe. Interesting enough, I met someone named Robbie, and he’s been around everything I have. Coalition, anarchy, Black Roses. He was friends with Alex for a time too. It’s kinda jarring to meet people like that again, but it’s a good feeling. He worked with me as we inspected a victim of a serial killer near the Soup Kitchen (Notes attached). He’s a doctor in training, despite being only 15 (about to be 16). I plan to keep in contact with him. On another note, the doctor I treated (Dr. Cohen) is part of some sort of medical group working with Dr. River (Notes attached). They seem to want to induct me into this group. Could be good to continue my research, and have the backing to keep helping people out here. Hopefully, this will lead to something great, but that seems very naive.


Notes on Dr River: Dr River has been around intermittently in the past. I’ve heard them on the radio since I worked with the coalition, and I reached out to them for help when I lost my leg. I’ve wanted to work with them in the past, but have never actually met them in person, nor had the opportunity to join them. One of his cohorts, Dr. (Marie I believe) assisted me in treatment following the amputation, and Dr. Cohen is another of his cohorts.

Notes on Victim:
Victim was found in a cabin approx. 1km from the Soup kitchen in the middle of a lake. The victim appears to be in his late 20’s. Injuries include: Cranium destroyed via shotgun blast. Disembowelment, the number “18” Carved into his chest region. His organ region was opened via serrated blade, and restitched, ceiling the cavity, however it was reopened and the stomach was removed. (Attached note: New information appears to be that a man following the killings had reopened the stomach and removed whatever was placed in the stomach cavity. Supposedly the man was castrated, and the organ was placed in the stomach). The surrounding area of the victim showed signs of struggle, with several defensive wounds on the victims arms and shotgun shells along with 5.56 casing surrounding him. Four sets of footprints were found on the island apart from my own and Robbie’s. More information to be found following further analysis of samples.


Entry 13: ~Date 2/13/20 ~Day 948 of Outbreak ~Time 0900 Hours


I can’t decide if things have gotten better or worse. Robbie reached out to me with a warning that, not only is he now a target, but I could be too. Because what I wanted is an even more extensive history of psychotic fucks trying to kill me. Not long after, Robbie reached out to me again and told me the killer was there with him, trapped him in a house, wounded a friend of his. I tried to get to him but...I was too late. Never found him and all I heard from the other end of his radio was infected and screaming. I think he was wounded by infected but I can’t be sure. I haven’t seen him since…


*A portion of the page is scribbled out.*


Despite...that, things have also turned for the better. Blueberry (Notes attached) turned up suddenly. I was obviously shocked he was alive considering the circumstance, and the lucky fucker only got some shrapnel from the explosion. Sometimes I wonder if god has it out for me when I see people get that lucky. I also finally got to meet Dr. Cohen and Dr. River. Took long enough, but things turned out good. I’ve ended up joining them and their doctoral group, Kings Ridge Medical. With any luck, I can have a better chance to, not only continue my research, but also help people on a larger scale. And maybe, just maybe, things will turn for the better...more likely I’ll be extorted into helping a group of bandits, maybe 503 (and how many people have you killed today?) We’ll see. The ladder seems more likely than the former…


Notes: Blueberry, Adult male, wears all blue clothing. Real name unknown, Presumed dead until recently found in Zaleise(?). Paramedic (American?).



Entry 14: ~Date 2/19/20 ~Day 954 of Outbreak ~Time 0900 Hours


Finally things are shaping up. Regrouped with everyone else at a hospital in Topolin. It’s a solid area. I haven’t looked around the entire perimeter yet, but it looks decent enough, at least for our needs. We’ve had other survivors come in and out as we’re setting up. My main problem is identifying who is with us and who isn’t. It might be best if we come up with some kind of signal for who is who, maybe an armband, although I don’t see that as our style. Speaking of these other survivors, Chuck came trundling into the hospital with none other than Raymond Jayson. While I’m glad to see him again, it’s the circumstances are unfortunate. He’s currently being treated for Bronchitis, which is why he was there, but I have this gut feeling that it isn’t bronchitis. We’ll see what happens. I’m also adding a new section into the journal, since we’re all set up. Patient files are going to be kept here, with additional copies stored in my office at the hospital. I’m also going to be opening a research section once I’ve started again. The hospital has the facilities I need to continue research, and they’re much better than what I had in that highschool back in South Zagoria. With any luck, I might be able to finally find a cure for this mess, although that might be too optimisitc…


Entry 15 ~Date 3/28/2020 ~Day 993 of Outbreak (christ) ~Time 2130 Hours


Went back to Topolin, and somehow this old thing was still there. Nobody else was though. I liked going through it...thinking back to how things were before I left….really caps off this last month. Where have I been? The poet in me wants to say the past, the realist wants me to say hell...maybe the realist is right. In short, I went back to Chernarus.


I went to the plane crash. Still there, not scrapped for materials somehow. Spent a day there, drawing sketches, thinking. I went south to Kamenka, and the woods north of it. The old battleground hasn’t changed at all. Still have those scars…


I went East to Black Lake. Made me think of the Coalition. Cullen, Sergei, Alex... all of them. Spent some time there, even tried to fish (didn’t catch anything of course)


I went north to Severograd. My camp had been raided, but that’s not a surprise. Not like I had anything good there. I even went north to Kamensk...felt like I was right back where it all began for me, before everything. 


Finally I stopped at Sergei’s grave. I stayed in his cabin for a few nights. Hunted, did some writing on scrap paper (probably kindling now with the rest of my sketches. Not like they were good anyway.) And finally worked up the courage to go north.


Of course, that didn’t go as planned either. Old…”friends” cut me off. People who the dead...people who hated me.


They took me and a few others prisoner, wanted to march us out west to Taki. We all knew what that meant. 


Me and a few others, few days in, worked out an escape plan. Marry, another prisoner, and I were gonna make a diversion while Jack and Jamie, two other prisoners, would try to grab some weapons. 


Worked at first. They took the bait and Jack got a gun. Right before we could open fire, he turned on us. Must have been some kind of trick...although now that I think about it, he sure did look like Jack from Germany…


Nonetheless, he turned on us. Killed Marry, wounded Jamie. I bolted into the woods with not only him but some of the guards shooting after me. Caught one in the prosthetic (guess god thought I needed to live) and got away.


And now I’m back in Livonia...having spent my birthday in a world I left behind, a world I wanted to forget, I’m back in another.


Guess I better find the others...although I don’t think I want to.

Patient Files


Raymond Jayson: 55 Year old American Male

DOB: 06/24/1964

POB: Kemp, Texas

Height (CM): 182

Weight (KG): 81 KG

Medical History: (Currently Unknown)
Family Medical History: Bronchitis common through patients family (Remainder unknown)
Medication History: (Currently Unknown)

Treatment History: Under treatment for Bronchitis, 2/19/20


Notes: The patient's family has a history of Bronchitis. Raymond currently appears to following this trend, as he is currently being treated for Bronchitis. Should symptoms persist or worsen following a month of treatment, he will be brought in for a second diagnosis.


Blake Everest: 20 Year old American Male

DOB: 12/17/1999

POB: Monroe, Louisiana

Height (CM): 175

Weight (KG): 72

Medical History: Previously underwent surgery for a shattered patella. Pre-Outbreak operation for several lacerations across the left cheek.

Family Medical History: (Data Expunged)

Medication History: (Unknown)

Treatment History: See Medical History


Notes: Patient was treated for blunt force trauma common among survivors, source of which is from infected individuals.


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