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Soup Kitchen rumours ? ( Open Frequency )

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*Stands up while freezing nearby zeleno and holds PTT*
I heard last week rumour about soup kitchens , anybody knows about these kitchens ? Brrrr... How can i reach these places ?
*releases PTT and throws it out to a frozen hay-bale*

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*You'd hear a man with a heavy accent speak over the radio*

Hello my friend! The Soup kitchen is just south of Vybor and north of Pushtoshka, in the little field to the east. You can't really miss it my friend. They do very good soup.
Have good day!
*Daquar would let go of the PPT, ans start warming up his ankles.*

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*a young mans voice breaks over the radio, a cough coming with it* does this soup kitchen have anyone that can remove bullets? I need a doc bad

*as the coughing gets worse the radio cuts out*

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Addy replies, her voice timid.

”I... uhm... Well I didn’t know them...
Was looking through my binoculars and they caught me looking at them...
They’re very inviting... Crack jokes... Like... Like talking about anatomy a lot...
I never saw ill intent when I watched them... they just cooked and let people warm by... by the fire...”

There is a hesitant brief pause.

”I hope that helps a bit...”

She cuts her radio off, staring at the door on the second floor of the house she occupied. Gun on her lap with a restless shift.

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