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Ryan Dudley's Journal

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Its December 2, 2019 

The air is beyond freezing, luckily my family in the cartel have given me shelter and a warm bed at night i officially joined the cartel yesterday i have always considered Hector a  strong alie but more recently he has been more like family to me he has always been so accepting. This has been one of the worst winters yet i have already had to amputate four peoples toes and some fingers due to the extreme hypothermia from the beyond cold weather even in full winter gear i still feel the sheer cold air every time i have to breath, the wind along the coast still rips through my wind breaker as if i wasn't even wearing one but i also kind enjoy it the land is quite, there as no bugs in the air, no loud leave or dirt just the gentle sound of the snow crunching under my boots it is peaceful besides the frozen zombies due to it being so cold they are much tougher now almost as if the ice is holding them together. Well i got to get back to cooking stew for the family now. -Signed Ryan M. Dudley 


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