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Emergency Medical Assistance

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*Drew presses the PTT*
Hello everyone, my name is Doctor Drew Williams. This broadcast and frequency is being used to permit people to call for emergency medical assistance from myself and other doctors who may be able to respond. Other doctors are more than welcome to use this broadcast to seek out patients. This is the best way to get in contact with me personally. Let me know who you are, your injury, and your location and I will make my way to you as soon as able. Hopefully, with enough attention, this frequency can be used to formulate a connection of doctors who are able to aid survivors in need. Stay safe, stay warm, and good luck


*He releases the PTT*

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*Sitting next to a little fire he has made next to a concrete wall while listing to the radio as it snows above him*

" Hello Doctor i'm John Northwood. I am not a doctor but may be a future patient but I would like to learn about fixing people up and treating the sick. If you ever have the time im over at the wolf packs den.  Let me know when you head over. Stay warm out there! "

*Strapping the radio back on his cheat and throwing more sticking in the fire while the sound of shivering can be heard*

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