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Georgia Banks

Hector, Red's in trouble. (OPEN)

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*It's cold, so cold. Georgia's hands are shaking and clammy at the same time. She struggles to unclip her radio from her belt.*

*Georgia smacks the radio, these things don't work well in these temperatures. She presses the PTT*


*Urgency can be heard in her voice.*

"Hector, Dr. Red is in trouble. Serious trouble."

*You can hear voices in the background, Chad can be heard, calling out to the others. 'LETS MOVE'*

"Hector we're rolling out, we need backup."

*Georgia clips the radio back onto her belt and heads to join the others.*

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*Danny pauses for a moment before pressing the PTT...*

"This ain't Hector, and it don't sound like he's comin'. Where you headed? I'll meet you there and help you out."

The background echoes, Danny is clearly in a large empty room of sorts, you hear his voice echo through the radio before the transmission cuts

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*Georgia hears the accent first, the words second. Her minds amiss.* *She turns the radio on and sets it down beside them.*

*You would hear her sobbing, activity all around, 'SCALPEL' yells Dr. Maxwell. Ben can be heard screaming for his dad.*

*Georgia is sat on the ground, Dr. Red's limp head in her lap, 'We're losing him!' She screams.*

"Hector, you're too late to stop this."

*Dr. Maxwell can be heard yelling 'MORE RAGS, STUFF THE WOUND'*

"Joseph Sm..."

*Sobs escape her, heavy breathing muffling her words*

"Joseph Smith and Austin Maverick."

*She's choking on her tears. Chaos all around*

"They did this Hector, we might lose him."

*The battery indicator beeps, and the chaos starts cutting out. The lines go silent.*


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*Austin smiles and leans over grabbing his radio as it crackles to life *

" Hello girly, I believe we talked earlier. You should remember that we didn't fill red with lead. That was your own boys attempting a betrayal at a simple meeting. Shit job. Now we have two more of them hostage , one got tossed out of a moving car. The other we are about to deal with. I think a firing squad will do for him."

*The radio cuts abruptly*

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*Chad runs into the room and tosses his radio to Georgia, 'Georgia, Hectors on the line.. he needs to know who'*

"Hector" *She cries* "It was Joseph Smith and Austin Maverick."

*The whole family is gathered around Dr. Red, his eyes open ever so slightly, he whispers weakly 'I'm so cold'*

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"Fuck tell red to get to give our frequency and tell my men where you are....we will come and get you...I will be by your side amigo...told chu Red your family!"

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*Georgia doesn't recognize the voice she hears.*

*She's wiping up the blood, so much blood all over the floor. She looks back at Red, almost lifeless.. lying in the bed, Dr. Maxwell, Chad and Ben at his side.*

*She wipes a tear from her eyes and tosses a blood soaked rag into the bucket beside her.*

"Thank you for your concern, stranger."

*She pauses and thinks about her family. Injured, maybe... But all together.*

"Dr. Red is right where he belongs, he has a long road ahead."

"We will love him through this."

*She wipes her hands with a clean rag and walks over to Red, 'I love you, you fool'*

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*Takes out his radio and broadcasts*

" What an innnnnnnnnnnnnnnteresting situation we all had huh? Red I think you should call it quits on the whole doctor thing....especially considering your significant break of the Hippocratic oath. 

*He pauses *

" Shame we didn't get to finish our business. We'll continue it at another time. Looking forwards to seeing you, Ben, Georgia. 

""*The radio cuts abruptly*

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Brendan takes off the now bloody gloves and sits against a wall. Putting his head in his hands, he picks up some of the chatter. Grabbing the radio from his nearly empty bag of medical supplies he speaks into it.

”I’m sorry I wasn’t there for the doctor, he did me a kindness yesterday. I don’t have much to offer right now other than prayers, if you believe in those.”

His tired voice wakes up as he finishes

”Hector, I’ll be talking to you soon”

He drops the radio into his bag and leans back against the wall

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*well if D.r Red makes it tell me to contact Jack and also tell red Jack promise if you takes the deal he will keep him and his family safe hopefully he gets better soon there much work ahead of us*

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*Radio of Georgia come to live once more again with familiar voice she know*

Sweet holly god Georgia, what happen? Is Red ok? Did he will make it? Contact me if you will need anything I give you my personal word that I will do what ever I can to help Red as same as he help me. Nechť bůh chrání tebe, tvého manžela a tvé dítě

*She let out long sight*

Lets hope we will see that Mr. Austin and Mr. Joseph thru our scopes of sniper rifles next time, few seconds before theirs souls will be send to final judgment

*Radio go silent with strange interference*

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