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Calling for Doctor Drew

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*the radio static breaks with the sound of Jack's voice, with some pain to it, coming over the radio*

Doctor Drew this is jack, I helped fix your leg. I might need some help. I'm shot up pretty bad, I think I still have bullets in me. Also I'm working on a medical wasteland journal and could use a co-author. Radio me if you can please 

*jack coughs loudly*

F-fuck that's blood...

*the radio snaps off soon after*

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*drew presses the ptt*

“Keep pressure on the wound, bandage it tight, use a tourniquet towards the top of the wound if you can. Stay off your feet and stay hydrated. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

*he releases the ptt*

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*Drew presses the PTT*

"Jack, I'm here, Dunno if you're around or got moved somewhere else. Just let me know and I'll haul ass your way."
*he releases the PTT*

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*Jack, coughing and weak presses the PPT* h-hey Drew, this is jack....I'm at redwood...I dont have much stuff anymore, sorta lost most of it. I should be here for a little

*as the coughing picks up the radio returns to static*

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