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Are staff immune from punishment?

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Recently ive noticed a trend of staff getting to bypass rules, and simply make the lives of community members much worse without any repercussions. I dont want to make any baseless claims, so Ill provide some situations where a Staff member was treated with extreme bias that would result in a normal community members removal/ receiving points.

In this situation developer @Ducky was found guilty of: Lying in a report, editing his evidence, metagaming, and 3 invalid kills. This gets him 10 day ban and 20 points, where as if someone who wasnt a developer were to be found guilty of this they would most defined be given more points and likely permed. 
This screenshot shows valuable community member @NorwayRP receiving 5 days and 10 points for lying in a report.
This screenshot shows a few variations of invalid kill, who were banned in the same report as @Ducky.
This screenshot shows an example of a common punishment for meta gaming.

Ducky broke all of these rules, yet received a minor consequence when compared to what he was found guilty for. A normal community member would have been permed, beat up, and left on the side of the street, but ducky was left with a light punishment and is still in staff. Ive seen loremasters and other staff members removed for much less in the past, but it seems now like the staff is immune.




This post by mexi on my staff was rude and unbecoming of a rising staff member. If a normal community member were to say this they would be given points for flaming or flame baiting, which he is doing. There is no need for him to say this, unless he is purposing trying to antagonize me into flaming him back, since hes a staff member and immune from punishment. I understand the rules, and I dont see him posting this on everyone elses thread.

Mexi clearly has a bias against me or simply just thinks im a cunt or something because it is strange that a few days after giving me points he is flaming me on my own threads by suggesting I dont understand the rules in his UP.

Screenshots of the rules of which I believe Mexi broke and is immune from punishment of. His post was not constructive at all the to thread, seeing as it was the first response, and had not a single thing to do with what I was trying to discuss. His post was completely unwarranted and it has made my thread look bad, and discourages people from posting, because he has threatened them with points. 

Staff members should be held to a higher standard than normal community members, at least the same standard as normal members not lower.
If you join staff do you get less points in reports, and are you allowed to break rules to flame community members?

This post is not intented to bring down the good name of the staff members I mention, but to simply ask if staff AS A WHOLE get to bend the rules.


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I fail to see what my thread warning for others to abide by the rules and only reply with constructive comments fall under me flaming you directly, if at all.

My post was an attempt to keep the thread on topic unlike the last 1-2 previously posted, I attempted to give you the benefit of the doubt with this one as you made the changes suggested by Elmo. I'm not exempt from rules, none of the staff are as Rolle said.

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