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Civilian Fashion Show

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With all the mod content for DayZ now, I was wondering if there was a possibility to add in more civilian clothing variety? I've seen suggestions for group or occupation specific clothing, but nothing regarding everyday run of the mill items - not recently anyways. In retrospect, it is very time-consuming and a lot of creative effort.. but I think the pay off could be worth it! It's always fun to see diversity in game and be able to find distinguishable, interesting characters by the way they dress! Not to mention, this would allow more choice to those who want to hide their appearance without sacrificing their character aesthetic. Outfits help create a character, give small quirks to their personalities & behaviors. I personally love seeing silly, yet cohesive, outfits which coincide with a character mannerisms 🙂 It's a good change of pace from constantly seeing military & dark palettes, which of course there's nothing wrong with if it best suits your character. Currently, I'm not aware of any quality or realistic mass clothing packs and I know we already run a few changes - but I'm looking forward to, hopefully, more choice in the future!

Of course, this is a quality of life suggestion, so it doesn't have much priority. Just a fun idea I thought I would bring up ❤️ 

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