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Green Mountain raid

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*Mokhtar reaches for his radio as he lays on the bed, looking at some bags full of supplies, then presses the PTT button, speaking firmly into it*

" I feel disappointed about you guys, This is the second time i raid green mountain within a month, I didn't wanna ruin things the first time, But the fact that your base is weak simply triggers me big time, I do apologize for the zucchini's, I asked my brother to take only one but he dropped 30 zucchini on the ground and i can assure you he will be punished. 

Feel free to visit Compton. We give true charity. I'm out, This was Robin Hood."

* Mokhtar releases the PTT button then looks around as he smiles briefly *

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Brendan’s voice comes across the frequency

”Where might the good folk in need of charity find Compton?”

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*PPT pressed down*

"You call yourself Robin Hoods, you say that you represent charity? This is laughable news to me. Attacking our place like everyone else isn't charitable actions. Hitting us while we are gathering supplies to help in the winter isn't charitable. I would have called you guys a pale imitation of us but last I remember, WE DON'T RAID ANYONE!. So as I said. you guys aren't a true charity and I do not condone your actions one bit. Attacking us because we are weak sounds awfully like a thinly veiled reason to just kick our doors in. At least the other groups who admit they raided us have the balls to tell the world the real reason why. As for the food your friend so needlessly wasted, I do not appreciate them wasting our hard work to be able to feed people gone to waste. Also if you fear retribution from us then fear not! Unlike you, we are friendly and do what we can to help people regardless of their circumstances to the best of our abilities."

*PTT released*

*PTT pressed*

"Also, if you guys were in such desperate need of things to help your cause, then you should have asked us and we would have gladly given you items to pass out or have you come here to take items you need. No need to just break in we would have been happy to just help you guys out"

*PTT released*

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*He chuckles as he hears the big dicking, he presses the PTT*

"First of all, screeching all this shit on the radio is real childish, you sound like an idiot."

"You can't steal from people who are giving things away, you only make the world a shittier place."

"I hope you feel good about yourself, people like you don't deserve to have survived this long."

*He released the PTT and sets his radio aside*

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*John hears the radio and laughs as he presses the PTT*

'' You must be a fool!

People like you do not act in the best interest of some certain people. 

This will not last long my friend. 

Bain sult as nuair a mhaireann sé!

*John smiles as releases the PTT*

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*Kat wakes up as she hears a set of familiar voices and the words spoken, she waits and presses the PPT*

"Normally, I don't reply to childish radio banter. Specially when someone is gloating on about saying they are charitable. But, since this is about my home, I couldn't stop myself from speaking my peace. Charity is about helping others and there no pissing contest of who is more charitable then the other. You "claim" you give true charity. Then why raid? Your actions make no sense. You want to let others that you are charitable, amazing.  I never heard of compton. I'll have to drop by and say hello."

*She releases the PPT for a moment as gathers her thoughts into words, speaking once more*

"If you need help then ask, if the base triggers you, as you put it. We are a charity. We are not perfect, and we're here to help. Not to appeal to only you. We do our best every day, greet others. Yea, sometimes we meet kind people.  And yet, sometimes we meet some that aren't unkind. We keep moving on. So, if you really charity. Please, I implore you do it with good intentions.  Don't slanter the name of charity with your ideas that stealing is ok. Because that is something, we never or ever consider doing. As for the food, your charity? And your brother wasted food that could of been given for winter.  You tell me, are you really doing it for the right reasons? Please, stay safe out there and warm, I hear winter is arriving soon. So if you are charity, please make sure you help those who will need it down the road. But know this."
"Don't mistake our kindness as a weakness."

*She releases PPT once more time as sets the radio down*

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*John would wake up and think about all that happened last night to go through the radio freqs and listen in then give his say*

Hello this is John Northwood. I cant help to over hear this. If you guys at green mountain need help getting more supplies just let me know and ill head straight down. 

*He would put his radio facing up on the ground and finishing the last of his vodka*

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*sighs in disappointment, as he reaches up to tap the PTT on his throat mic*

"This is Gene Durham, U.N.H.E.S.R. Operator, if you boys need anything to help recover from this unfortunate moment of retardation in GM let me know, i got more than i could hope to pass off by my self, mostly medical and building supply. ill likely be by later for some trading or a quick chat. Good luck and god bless."

*a soft mumbling about meds and nails and the damn snow for a moment before you hear a muffled digital connection tone and the hum of a laptops cooling fans as the connection fades to static*

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*Mokhtar laughs for a bit as he listens to the radio transmitions*,  then takes the radio and squezzes the PTT*

Me and my brother were in need of help, Do you hear me? in need ! i've waited for a whole hour and nobody could help me..

*Mokhtar is obiouvsly triggered, begins to shout*

You call your self Charity? that's how you help people? with your doors locked down and your supplies hidden behind three gates?

You have two delivery trucks that can make all the survivors around the damn country safe ! But we've never seen them on the road, NO ! Of course not ! 

*Mokhtar exhales slowly as he lays back on the pillow*

As for the idiots who's trying to lick, You might aswell be useful and reach for the small villages on the borders. Those people need help. You could save lies, that's what needs to be done.

With that being said, I'm expecting some charity to be done soon as possible as winter has come.. if i don't, I'm going to pay you guys a visit one more time and for good, I'm out.

*Mokhtar slams the radio towards his brother, lands on the wall and breaks to pieces*

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