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S1: BadRP West of Stary Sobor - 2019-11-30, 06:15

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Server and location: S1, west on the road of Stary sobor.

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Last night, 2019-11-30, 06:15.

Your in game name: Valentin Dvoracek

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: No idea, never heard these guys voices before.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 








Detailed description of the events: 

So I log onto DayZRP hoping to find some decent RP and maybe bump into a few folks. It's pitch black so I decide to travel West in the pitch black in hopes of finding some people. I do, and talk to them for a bit before someone arrives and tells me to put my hands up, not seeing anything I don't want to risk it so I comply. I begin my attempts to RP but all I'm met with is "Don't say a word or I'll kill you" and told to look at the ground. So I do as they say and we are eventually told to walk towards a stream to the north of the road and told to sit in the stream and place our hands on our head, so I do so which eventually leads to me freezing my ass off. They then tell us to use our own rope to tie ourselves up and I do as they say using my ductape. What I encounter after is a group of people standing around me taking whatever they want from my character I honestly don't care about that, I've been literally giving away most of my stuff to strangers as I don't play. What I do care about is the RP that comes with it, since all I'm met with is the blank stares people give me as they pop things from my body to theirs. During this whole timespan they do the copy paste Hostile RP "Who are you", "Who are you with?", and go on to call their friends in to take whatever they want to. I wait there, in silence as talking means death as they've already threatened me for talking and just as I thought they were going to pick up the RP they tell us not to return to the area or follow them and piss off.

I then notice they left me with no bandages, I wouldn't normally be bothered with this but it's the middle of the night which means I have a higher chance of being clobbered by some zeds.

Tl;dr I log on in the middle of the night to find RP, all I find is a quick robbery with below minimum RP to go with it, enjoy the video.

Edited by Finn

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Jaden Kano POV: seeing as I was briefly present when this happened and I’ll likely be called in for a POV here goes :

I come back from going to the bathroom to find ive been radioed that my group of allies including @tossVC and some others were going to rob a few people in stary. I was heading that way to meet with @JorrdanVC anyways, so I ran around looking for them. I eventually find them and find they’ve already held up the guys and didn’t need any help, Izzy gives me a gun (that was not stolen from the hostages) and I head out towards Kab with @JorrdanVC (who also was not present during the robbery)

i had little to no interaction with the hostages as I was not involved in taking them. I arrive at around 7:00 In the OPs video and I can be seen leaving at 8:02. The interaction where I stand behind the OP I believe is where Brooke hands me her AK74U, and I then leave. 

Edited by AidanVC
Grammar edits to make POV make more sense

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Jorrdan Versock POV: Probably gon get called in for a report so I'll just post it.

I recently log on and @tossVC radios us to meet up somewhere in the triangle. I'm all the way up by Novaya so I run my goofy ass all the way down to Kabanino where I meet @AidanVC who is coming from Stary Sobor. We meet up he tells me @tossVC just held someone up.

Had no interaction at all but might get called in so heres my POV

God Bless

Edited by JorrdanVC

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06:03:12 | Player "Valentin Dvoracek" is connected
06:18:32 | Player "Valentin Dvoracek" has been disconnected
06:19:45 | Player "Valentin Dvoracek" is connected
06:22:29 | Player "Valentin Dvoracek" has been disconnected

03:18:45 | Player "Izzy Moon" is connected
05:19:12 | Player "Izzy Moon" has been disconnected
05:34:11 | Player "Izzy Moon" is connected
08:36:48 | Player "Izzy Moon" has been disconnected

05:34:13 | Player "Jeff Jefferson" is connected
08:41:24 | Player "Jeff Jefferson" has been disconnected

05:34:24 | Player "Luke Runningham" is connected
06:53:07 | Player "Luke Runningham" has been disconnected
06:54:13 | Player "Luke Runningham" is connected
07:21:51 | Player "Luke Runningham" has been disconnected
07:23:08 | Player "Luke Runningham" is connected
07:41:22 | Player "Luke Runningham" has been disconnected
07:42:29 | Player "Luke Runningham" is connected
08:30:20 | Player "Luke Runningham" has been disconnected

03:07:49 | Player "Jack Mortrich" is connected
03:40:37 | Player "Jack Mortrich" has been disconnected
04:02:27 | Player "Jack Mortrich" is connected
05:19:17 | Player "Jack Mortrich" has been disconnected
05:34:31 | Player "Jack Mortrich" is connected
06:27:35 | Player "Jack Mortrich" has been disconnected
06:35:23 | Player "Jack Mortrich" is connected
09:09:47 | Player "Jack Mortrich" has been disconnected




06:15:37 | Player "Valentin Dvoracek" (pos=<5849.6, 8199.1, 311.9>) 

06:15:37 | Player "Izzy Moon" (pos=<5775.6, 8181.2, 315.2>) 

06:15:37 | Player "Jeff Jefferson" (pos=<5776.8, 8178.7, 315.0>) 

06:15:37 | Player "Luke Runningham" (pos=<5773.7, 8194.6, 316.0>)

06:15:37 | Player "Jack Mortrich" (pos=<5776.7, 8181.3, 315.1>) 


@Finn | Valentin Dvoracek | OP
@brookiehiggh | Izzy Moon | POSTED
@MrNiceGuy957 | Jeff Jefferson | POSTED
@tossVC | Luke Runningham | POSTED
@Baam | Jack Mortrich | POSTED

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tossVC: I was traveling with my comrades down the road when I see one of my associates talking with two people. We are in need of supplies so I initiate on the two people in the road, I move them into another secure location and proceed with the robbery. I asked them where they got to the country  from and what they were doing, and who they were associated with. He said he was a chernarussian native from severo grad and we also interrogated the other man, and helped him with some medical needs.

we left you with two large cooked steaks, a knife, and a sewing kit to stitch up your wounds.

Edited by tossVC

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Izzy Moon POV: I was out traveling with @tossVCand @MrNiceGuy957. We were all a bit low on supplies and Toss had informed us that there was two guys traveling around. I then gave my gun to Toss due to the fact that he didn't have one and I stayed back in a house. A bit later MrNiceGuy radioed me telling me it was ok to come down and meet back up with them. I then proceeded down the road and took a few things but made sure to leave them with the essentials. After a few minutes of us all meeting up we moved out.

I did not speak during the interaction as I was not in the initial RP and only came down to meet back up with everyone. 

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Jeff Jefferson POV: So I helped with the initiation during the whole situation and we brought them into the woods so no one else could see this happening, we then proceeded to question the two of you of people that you knew and how you got into the country etc.  I also helped one of you guys who was sick and asked for so medication to help with it so @Baam and I then proceed to help him out with the sickness and gave him medications.

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Jack Mortrich POV: I was talking to the two victims of the robbery before the initiation. Luke walked up as I had previously radioed my finding of the two characters and their characteristics and initiated on them. I proceeded to aid in the RP by supplying any means necessary for the situation (Fed one of the victims tetracycline to rid him of infection). Luke engaged the two in roleplay. However, Finn's fellow victim was more chatty than himself causing the roleplay to focus more on him.

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Calling in @thejuggernog for the full POV and any video evidence they may have.

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BadRP - @tossVC, @MrNiceGuy957, @Baam, & @brookiehiggh - Guilty


@Finn was running up the road to Kabanino from Stary Sabor. He then ran into @Baam as well as @thejuggernog and had quick conversation with them before @tossVC and @MrNiceGuy957 initiated on the two while @brookiehiggh stood back and watched from a distance. The accused group after initiation on the two victims brought them over to a pond which they made them both walk into the pond and kneel down. After they were both tied up, a quick question and answer session came up of "Who are you?", "Why are you in this country?", "Where are you from?" and "Who are you with?" A bit later @brookiehiggh came down to the pond and regrouped with the rest of the accused party. Once all questions have been answered, the accused party then proceeded to take whatever they saw valuable off the two victims. Once some of their gear has been taken, the hostile party runs off leaving the two victims at the pond.

Rule Breaks


  • This entire situation from what was seen in the video evidence shows the encounter being a gear grab robbery. There was no real interaction between the two parties and no real RP was transferred from one group to the other. Not to mention the act of making your victims walk into the pond when it's night time and leaving them drenched just adds to the BadRP. You have risked the hostage's life by making them both step into the cold water.

    4.4 Hostile situations must focus on the role play experience of both attackers and victims. Both sides should actively participate and contribute to role play in all situations, any disputes or issues can be discussed and resolved afterwards.

    As an attacker you may NOT:

    Attack other players just for the sake of gear by doing a quick robbery that involves little to no role play. Ignore your victims. You must provide an engaging role play to keep things interesting for the victims at all times.


    As a victim you may NOT:

    Pretend to be fearless, emotionless, not feel pain, or otherwise be unaffected by the situation where your life is at risk in a hostile situation. Be passive during the hostile role play and refuse to actively participate in it. Just sitting there and not contributing to role play can make the situation very boring for the attackers.






Don't just ask a few "get to know" questions of the people you captured, interact with them in any way that will make the experience memorable for both parties. Every person in that had an opportunity to speak with the hostages but picked not to, next time you have a hostile interaction add more time into the actual RP element to the hold up.


@tossVC - BadRP - 5 day ban, 10 warning points
@MrNiceGuy957 - BadRP - 5 day ban, 10 warning points
@Baam - BadRP - 5 day ban, 10 warning points
@brookiehiggh - BadRP - 5 day ban, 10 warning points 

Signed by: @Inferno, @Aiko, & @Rover

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