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S1 - KOS | Berizino - 11/30/2019 - 17.02.29

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Server and location: s1

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):   11/30/2019 - 17.02.29 (Exact Time)

Your in game name:  Franklin McMolly

Names of allies involved:  N/A

Name of suspect/s: Charlie James

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: 

There was a fire fight around our base location where most of my group had initiation on the group they where fighting, After the comms went quite when people died I was the last person that survived and they I got approached by these guys that started talking to me. I then just lay here on the group talking to them and I seen one of them climb the ladder and come up he then proceeded to push me and ended up executing me when I had no initiation in that whole situation otherwise I wouldn't stay put  on the ground like a chestnut and would of actually fired back at him even before he would of pushed.

Edited by VortexYikes

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Connection Logs

15:19:58 | Player "Franklin McMolly" is connected
16:56:42 | Player "Franklin McMolly" has been disconnected

14:03:44 | Player "Charlie James" is connected
17:47:58 | Player "Charlie James" has been disconnected


Hit Logs

16:53:10 | Player "Franklin McMolly" (pos=<12285, 9797.4, 29.9>) hit by Player "Charlie James" (pos=<12284.5, 9802.9, 29.9>) with AKM from 5.52607 meters 
16:53:11 | Player "Franklin McMolly" (pos=<12285, 9797.4, 29.9>) hit by Player "Charlie James" (pos=<12284.5, 9802.9, 29.9>) with AKM from 5.52607 meters 
16:53:11 | Player "Franklin McMolly" (pos=<12285, 9797.4, 29.9>) hit by Player "Charlie James" (pos=<12284.5, 9802.9, 29.9>) with AKM from 5.52607 meters 


Kill Logs

16:53:10 | Player "Franklin McMolly" (DEAD) (pos=<12285, 9797.4, 29.9>) killed by Player "Charlie James" (pos=<12284.5, 9802.9, 29.9>) with AKM from 5.52607 meters



Calling in the below players for their full point of view and any video evidence they may have.


@VortexYikes - Franklin McMolly - OP

@C-J - Charlie James -


@VortexYikes - Please provide the full and unedited copy of your video. Who are you speaking to when you say you just got executed?


While we are aware there was a large firefight in the area, we've only pulled logs for @C-J as he killed @VortexYikes. We can confirm that @VortexYikes had no hits on anyone, or from anyone other then @C-J.


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He was speaking to @allanman123 , we was within his groups compound after someone asked us to break them out. people initiated on us multiple times. alot of people started to initiate on us after we kept killing them all. Shots came from this guys apartment and the other. we manage to kill the other guy on the other apartment. and we was trying to find a way to get to this guy who we knew was up there from gunshots after the third or fourth initiation. If he posted the full clip as i believe its very unlikely that he decided to only record 22 seconds of the situation that lasted over an hour. you would see we attempted to negotiate with him for us to leave saftely and to stop the fight. but he was so desperate that we put his friends "gear" into the truck for them when they get back, he refused. he constantly went quiet, and @allanman123 and I said to him specifically if he doesnt accept the cease fire and let us go without attempting to shoot us, that he will die and we will continue to kill his friends who was shooting at us.  he remained quiet and refused to agree multiple times. so I whispered to jack keep him "distracted" ill climb up the back and kill him. 

7 hours ago, VortexYikes said:

most of my group had initiation on the group they where fighting

You and your group Initiated on us, giving us defender rights. we was stuck within the apartment building and the school because you and your friends was taking pot shots if we tried to leave. even in the other apartment building your friend who was in the apartment next to you. told me if I climbed the ladder he would kill me. You can not shoot at a group of people, and then openly admit in the situation that its you and your group thats been shooting us and expect me not to shoot you. 

And for people reviewing this report, we already took over the roof of that building, hence in his short clip the flies from the dead body's on top. he ran into the gun fight, way after the first initiation and climbed the building after we left, then when his friends re initiated he attempted to take shots at us, the only reason why we knew he was there. and he did all this knowing there was an active fight going on exactly where he was. If you wasn't apart of the situation then you shouldnt of even entered the area with your group and start shooting at us, im sure if you check the position logs you will see he willingly entered the Combat area with the intention of doing something. 

Edited by C-J

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@VortexYikes are you wanting to close the report? 

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Hello @VortexYikes,

The staff team has reviewed the report and decided to honour your request to close it.

In the future keep in mind when reporting a kill that you and/or your friends may have been involved in hostilities with other players/groups in the recent hour or two, and as such there might be active kill rights on you and/or your group.


Signed @Hofer & @Aiko

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