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Robert Joseph

BadRP / Neglecting Hostage appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: we did not rob him for the sake of getting some quick roleplay in a robbery and we did leave him with the necessary items for survival.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I feel the verdict is unfair due to the fact we had left him with the necessary items to stay in good health and defend himself, it was his own choice to not pay attention and start following @pilo2345 continually asking for his bag back which I feel is pretty stupid considering we had just robbed him. I feel I/we should not be held accountable for his own mistakes which he made due to being a little bit salty about losing a backpack, he was left with guns that had no ammo which is pretty nice considering we could have just taken them all we also left him with food, water a few rags and a woodcutters axe which should be enough to keep yourself alive. 

The bad roleplay accusation is a bit unfair, we did not initiate a robbery just to rob him and give little to no roleplay. The whole time whilst the robbery took place I was giving it my best to make it an experience on both ends, I may have said "lets rob some fkn pussy" but I didn't want to initiate a robbery just for the sake of robbing someone I enjoy roleplaying and enjoy roleplaying a robbery I gave him good roleplay and shouldn't be told my roleplay was just for the sake of it. I may have combat logged and not waited the standard 30 mins after the robbery to leave but I take full responsibility for those actions but I still made sure the roleplay was up to standards even if the victim did not feel that I did. Another thing I will add is that the victim was very boring to roleplay with and gave us little to no enjoyment whilst it took place and even followed @pilo2345 after the robbery continually asking for his bag back. I feel like the victim was too heated about being robbed to even really care about roleplaying and or the value of his life being more concerned about getting his bag back than having a roleplay experience or even picking up the items that were left for him to defend and help him. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like the admins to rethink BadRP and Neglect but leave the combat logging verdict the same

What could you have done better?: I suppose the only thing I can think of is putting the items in his inventory for him

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A separate team of staff members have reviewed your appeal and come to the conclusion to deny it.

Whether your intention was a quick robbery or not, it still became just that. The logs prove it, and you failed to provide your hostage with proper tools for continued survival after the robbery. In addition to this you showed a really bad attitude beforehand, by claiming that you wanted to quickly "go rob some pussy", while you knew you were playing on limited time, which then ended up with you combat logging.

I suggest you re-read rule 4.6, quoted below.


4.6 If you successfully capture a player through a hostile action and then take him into your custody, he is now considered your hostage. You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in a relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival when they are released. A character that is taken hostage may be executed once for a hostile incident that happened in the past where the hostage was personally responsible for, or participated in a death of your ally. In any other circumstances, hostages may only be executed in the following scenarios:

  • Hostages do not comply with your demands after repeated requests or try to escape.
  • Hostages pose a direct threat to you or your group, for example by picking up a weapon when not allowed to.
  • Hostages do not value their life, for example they repeatedly talk back or insult you despite being told to stop.
  • Approved group of the hostage or their allies refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage takers.
  • Demands from negotiations with approved group of the hostage have not been met after a reasonable time has elapsed.

In the future, always strive to provide your hostage with the help and equipment they require.

Appeal denied.

Signed @Hofer & @Peril

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