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Daddy's Ruleplay Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Why the verdict is not fair: I feel the verdict is not fair because I feel I didn’t abuse the rules to execute the hostage. Pips had been told a multitude of times that once we got to the treeline that she would need to check her pockets for any explosives, guns, and radios. Once we got in the trees, I demanded her directly to go ahead and check her pockets. Sometime after, as we approach a house she says out loud something along the lines of “oh are we going into this house by the road”. This statement prompts me to remind her that having a radio is going to lead to her death, she admits that she has one and tries to give some excuse but I execute her before she can say it because I had already told her that if she had one I’d kill her. At that point, no matter what excuse she could give it would not make up for her actively giving her location away to her group-mates.

In conclusion, I had given her multiple warnings about hiding the radio on her, for the very reason she ended up getting executed, giving our position away to her group-mates. If she wouldn’t have gave our position away, I would have let the radio slide, but the fact that she went out of her way to give my location away for obviously malicious intent means that she knew exactly what she was doing and getting herself involved in. It is stated in the verdict that I only gave her one warning, this is not how I remember it and I would like to see the video or have it checked again by other staff members, as I and the others around me heard the multiple warnings. With the way freecam works are you sure that the one recording was close enough to hear all the demands I gave the whole time? Chalking it up to me telling her once is severely damaging to my POV and is not how I or others present remember it. It is also stated that she is no threat to me, however, by actively giving away our location to her armed group members, she is a direct threat, and is going against what I told her to do, for the very reason I told her to do it. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Something that I -should have mentioned in my original POV is the active giving away of valuable information by Pips to her people on the radio. I would understand a ruleplay ban if it was one-off and a random radio she didn’t know she had. However, what prompted me to execute her was her actively hotmicing the location that we had moved her to. This information was extremely valuable as we moved her a considerable distance and the giving away of the house we had brought her to could have easily led us to our deaths.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:  Have my ban and my points removed

What could you have done better?: Refer to the “additional statement” post.

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After careful review of the report and the video evidence presented to us by the staff team watching the incident we have arrived at the following conclusion:

Pips is initiated on where upon which she is encouraged to tell her guys over the radio with yourself saying "say it on your radio, say it on your radio very smart idea" upon moving she is demanded to drop her backpack and weapon then to move to the truck. On the move she is told to drop her hands in order to move faster which would allow her to use the radio in her possession to hotmic. 

As you run to the truck you say "someone get on the radio and get sassy and the Jackals down here to execute this dumb whore then we can be done with it" which clearly shows where this situation was planning to go in no less than a minute after the initiation was dropped. During the run you then tell Pips "we will take a second here for you to remove any weapons or any radios because if you hide any of those you will be executed when I search you later" which she responds asking if she would be able to run via the well in town to get a drink suggesting that maybe she did not fully hear what was said. The run continues with you denying her the use of the well to quench her thirst and not once did you or anyone else involved tell her to stop to remove any extra weapons/radio that she may have on her person or just simply pat her down for them.

On the way to the house you then speak over the radio to who id presume is sassy letting him know that you have the Chernarussian woman for him and his boys before then asking her once again right before getting to the house if she had heard you earlier about removing weapons/radio. This is when some people start to talk drowning out the key members in this situation (yourself and Pips) as you ask her to get against the door and she is then executed. Before her execution you can hear as she stands at the door that she may not have heard everything that was said to her on the run probably due to fear of the situation (everyone reacts differently to shock and fear).

Now with this whole situation that we can see you had multiple chances to make her stop in a treeline and search her for any hidden items. When you got to the house you could have easily searched her at the door and got her away from the area in the truck, there was already enough distance being made from the point of initiation. The vehicle being the key part in this as it gave you the ability to get across the map away from her allies in a short amount of time. As the hostage takers it is your responsibility to plan out escape routes with your captives and pat them down for any items that may bring you harm (which gives RP to everyone involved rather than just running). Roleplay should always take priority over ruleplay and the fact that execution was already being discussed over the radio to another group suggests it was the plan all along.

Appeal Denied

Signed: @Voodoo @Rover

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