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Med-Pack News Broadcast 1

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*all the radios of Chenarus light up with a broadcast coming in loud and clear, an American accented man comes on the airways*

Good Evening Everyone of Chernarus!

Just a little random broadcast I'm calling "Med-Pack News" to help fill the empty channels for a few minutes. So on that note...

*The young man pauses as he lights a cigarette and takes a few puffs*

Let's get started!

So first off is the weather, while the everyone can see it and feel it, it's good to hear it out loud to jolt those thinking caps. Winter is coming, and while the snow isnt here now it could fall overnight. Recommend thick clothing, so put down those ballistic Helmats and combat fatigues and pick up some hunters jackets and quilted coats and some radar caps and ushankas. I recommend hiking boots for the snow, make sure to check your treads.

*he pauses to puff his cigarette before continuing*

Now let's move onto some news. For the past two weeks I've taken the kill counts of infected from myself and who ever can give a good idea. Numbers should be taken with a grain of salt but I've got a count of 2,100ish infected killed. Gotta keep those numbers up and the undead down so maybe shoot a little more. Sho knows maybe boris the undead shambler has a bottle of vodka in his coat.

Now lets see, standard survival stuff should be stressed for the local communities, stock up on food and medical supplies and fire wood for this winter, as a doctor I've seen more people die to sickness and cold than I have to bullets and zombies.

*he finished his cigarette and then lights another*

Let's move onto some rumors and reports. Word is that various individuals have attempted to attack the corporation on their prison island and have been brutally beaten back. Now remember folks an attacker usually needs to outnumber a defender 3 to 1 and expect to lose 2 of those 3 to pull off a win. I don't see any airforce or navy to attack that island so maybe you should leave it be and wait for spring.

*he puffs some more before shuffling some papers* now onto some medical information that might save a life.

O- blood is the universal donor and AB+ blood is the universal receiver, always check blood types. Ibuprofen you can take a day is 2400mg, so that's 4 pills every 24 hours. It's a common pain killer. Codeine can help coughs but us addictive in high quantities, if you find a doctor consult them. fluoxetine is a antidepressant, take one per day in the morning if you are depressed. Saline bags help with blood loss and dehydration but take to many and it can over hydrate you. And try to refrain from using morphine except for major bodily pain, surgeries, broken limbs.

That's most of the medical bits I have on mind, remember to always read what info you can find and talk to doctors and medics, they could save your life.

*The young man pauses and finishes his cig before continuing*

Now I know im not from here and some of you may want me dead for that, but while I'm here I want to help those who are in need. Be kind to others and maybe humanity can survive this new plague.

Rest well people of Chenarus.

*The broadcast would end and return to static*

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*drew sighs and picks up the radio*

o+ is not a universal receiver, it can only receive from o- and o+. AB+ is the universal receiver. I’m surprised I have to tell you that.

*he releases the ptt*

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*Javier grabs his radio and presses the PTT whilst having a laugh*

"This guy for real? He thinks that 0+ is the universal receiver? Oh boy. And he calls himself the med-pack whatever it was. Anyways, where do you guys hang at? Would like to meet up with these people. I'm running awfully low on supplies for my journey at the moment and bandages, gauze and painkillers would be a lifesaver right now." 

*Javier lets go off the PTT and talks to Kathriné* "You heard this gringo?" *He finishes with a laugh*

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*drew grabs his radio*

”typically I roam from Berezino to the north west. As for the original broadcast, he can decide if he wants to be known”

*he releases he ptt

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