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Jack's Dairy

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*Jack sits back, using Alice for support and warmth. The cold autumn wind blows against them as he starts to write.*

Wednesday Nov. 27th, 2019

It's been a few weeks since I decided to write, so much has been happening that I just lost track. Well I guess I should get some semblance of organized writing again.

The flight from zelenogorsk and Redwood Radio

About a week or two ago myself and some friends had to leave zelenogorsk, it was too violent and after the death of the colonel we didnt want to stay. Spidy went to the coast, lew went to the Wolfpack and i...I found redwood radio. Plenty of kind faces. Cem, poppy, a dead girl named Maggie. Jimmy who I'm trying to help with his pain killer addiction (and bullet wounds thanks to the colton brothers.) Josh is still with me and theres one who is my favorite. Alice, the "Größte Blume Deutschlands." My german is still shit. I've been loving my time with her mostly, being taken hostage twice sorta ruins the mood sadly. Damn colton brothers. A few days ago we climbed the massive radio tower and watched the sun rise. It was a beautiful sight. Last week we all had a campfire. Alice read some poetry and jan played the guitar. Today was a mixed bag. Anarchy is back and had a "weapon search," they didnt rake anything but it was still a tad unsettling. Although later I was able to read a poem that I think she liked. She read a poem to me in German and I actually know the jist of it, just my luck.

*jack would stop writing for a minute looking at the starry night and then back at Alice, watching the wind blow the strands of her hair sticking out*

Part of me says I need to run, get someplace more dependable with more people. But I'm not going to listen to that. These people are my family now and I need to stand by them.

I hope things In the coming days are better. I like redwood, I feel alive without having to get shot at.

*jack would fold the paper up and stick it in his pocket before carefully laying down next to Alice again and slowly drifting off to sleep*

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Hey, I was looking to buy some milk and cheese, can you hook me up? 😉 


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