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Not sure if rule breaking, pretty sure it is

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The guy in the orange Jacket had nearly killed a friend of mine named Charles by punching him out, but I scared him off. I walked Charles back up to green mountain where his friends were to get him aid, but then he came up to us at the gate. I told him I knew who he was and to stop but he ran. I pulled out my gun (with no intention to actually shoot, I wanted to take him hostage so the green mountain folks could question him) and said "RAISE YOUR HANDS AND DROP YOUR GUN" very clearly but he immediately shot to kill. From my understanding of the rules, what he did was unnecessary and an infringement on fair play, but here is the video for you to decide. My character is "Chet Humphreys" for those curious.



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Greetings @PIGPUNCHER,

Please update your original post to have the proper format. You will have 24 hours to fix this otherwise the report will be closed.


Server and location: 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 

Your in game name: 

Names of allies involved: 

Name of suspect/s: 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: 




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Thanks for the responses guys, I appreciate it. Can a staff member please close this report? it has been resolved. 


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We are glad you managed to sort this out between yourselves. The staff team will honour your request to close the report.

In the future please use the correct template when posting a report. If you don't the report will be closed within 24 hours.


Signed @Hofer & @Peril

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