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Execution and OOC hate/harassment clarification

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19 hours ago, Dustup said:

2. OOC Hate/Harrassment:

If memory serves me right, the former leader of the most recent UN group was pointed for simply saying something like "stay mad" (which unfortunately cost him a trip to Fiji).  Looking at the post put up by @Bobby we can see similar abuse directed towards him.  Then there is the open shit-talking of @HDragon in front of a staff member and the general attitude and arguably toxicity spewed towards those involved again in front of a staff member (who by the way did an excellent job trying to keep the peace and did NOT deserve the "Fuck Him" remark that the OP of the report made as he got off discord).  I get people can get a bit heated after something like this, and I can see that as a new player he may not fully understand the rules, but rule 1.1 is pretty clear and simply to understand, and there appears to have been a blatant disregard for literally the first rule of the community.  So with that:

  • why was nothing said in the verdict about these things in the report?
  • Why were the concerns of @HDragon and @Bobby not addressed at all in the report?
  • Should they have instead opened a separate report, and if so why were they not informed about this in the verdict and given the same consideration as other members have had?  I am not saying they should or would report, but some clarification on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

3. Help for new players:

Is it time to try bring back the mentor program or something similar where people can contact those in the community with good standing who have been here a while, understand the rules and can possibly run with or arrange others to run with new players who have come in on a whitelist that is generally accepted as terrible, and which doesnt just rely on a staff member being in discord, or has this just kept failing after the first time it went away?


Hello @Dustup,

I did not sign the verdict so I will leave point 1 for those involved with the verdict. @Realize @Aiko @Fae

Regarding point 2. OOC hate and/or harrassment are usually not dealt with in a report, or by the Gamemaster team at all. This is mainly an admin task which is usually handled either by an admin witnessing it, or through a support ticket, where the member that feels harrassed, or feels OOC hate towards himself/herself report it there.

Do I think that it should've been mentioned in the verdict? Yeah. But it wasn't unfortunately. But now you've gotten your answer at least 🙂

Point 3 is a neat idea. I wasn't around for the mentor program as I was away from the community, but I've heard good things about it. I'm not sure why it isn't here anymore, but we do get a huge amount of whitelist apps these days, and it would require immense work from the community to run such a program if everyone that joined was going to get the opportunity. Let's see if one of the admins have any thoughts about this. @Randy @Saunders @Voodoo @Roland.

I'm sorry I could not answer all of your inquiries, however I have tagged those who can respond to the questions I could not. 

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