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*Daniel finally found time to sit down with a bowl of stew, his stomach grumbling as he had not had much to eat for the day. Today had been CRAZY!*

"Today was even more crazy than the rest of the days, life in the Corporation is something else. We are not the good guys. I woke up and met up with Boots' and Guts. We went to scavenge for supplies, food mainly and came across a goat spotted by a fourth operator. Chimera, that guy has a sick eye and could spot that goat from like a mile away. We killed it, skinned it and bagged all the meat. We are definitely gonna eat like kings tonight."

*Daniel takes a few sips from the stew, then eats some. Enjoying the rich flavourful taste*

"This other guy named Daniel came to the Island today, what a stupid move. He ended up dead after failing to comply, was on his own. We told him several times to put his hands up after our command gave us the green light to do so and he just didn't do it. Guess he is gone now. No value for life...
We went back to base after that and the whole day we have spent on cleaning the cells, making sure the prison is in the best possible condition we can have it in. Cause apparently one of the CEO's of the Corporation were coming to visit, an inspection. That guy was something else. He wore this fancy expensive suit and a gas mask, he spoke with a Foreign accent I can't quite put my finger on. He wasn't Chernarussian that is for sure.
He asked for my name and I of course gave it to him. I don't know whether or not that was a good move. Guess time will tell."

*Daniel finishes the last words and continues to eat up the stew, it was so warm, tasted so good and smelled even better. Daniel then begins to write again*

"Nikolai Volkov I believe his name was. Some crazy Shekovian fellow who wanted to become a prisoner. He's seen some shit though, been through some shit. First the Time who took his eye. Then Black roses and the wolfpack. Seems a lot of these groups made a name in his life. I kind of feel bad for him. He's so fucked, so desperate. He came to the Corporation for help and I know full well that he won't get any. I do pray that the doctors will actually help him. I can only hope." 

*Daniel finished his entry fully and looks around, morning is lurking closely by*

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