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Appeal: Abusive Behaviour

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 



Why the verdict is not fair: 

Hello staff team.

So the situation was that I posted a thinking emoji and got warned for it, but this is not what I am appealing cause whatever i’ll take the 3 points for a thinking emoji. My appeal is for the 5 points that followed when I explained my warned post and why I simply posted a thinking emoji. Obviously, you guys don’t want us posting just emojis or +1’s, etc. Therefore I decided to express why I put a thinking emoji by pulling what the emoji means. 

The reason for the explanation and for mentioning what I had put in my warned post is because I want to make sure the OP didn’t think I flamed or was dissing him because I really enjoy what these guys are bringing to my group. I enjoy seeing it and enjoyed his content in which I actually commented on at the beginning of the post. 

My biggest issue is in the warning it says “as well as picking on the staff team for giving you the points.”. At what point did I address staff and pick on them? I didn’t. I explained what my reaction that was warned was and simply gave a fleshed-out answer since you guys don’t like emojis. My message does not target staff in any way at all and if it does, please point that out to me? I don't see how its fair to assume I was picking on staff or even say that I am picking on staff for getting points. 

I decided that if I can’t just post an emoji, obviously I’ll give some context behind my emoji and my opinions in which I did.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:  See Above.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points Removed

What could you have done better?: Made the OP believe I had flamed and not commented on the warned post part, also not explain the reason behind a singular emoji. I guess also made it clear that my reasoning for explaining was to make sure the OP didn't think I was attacking him or his content instead of apparently 'picking on staff'.

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Hello @PhoenyxxRP,

A separate team of staff members have reviewed your appeal and have come to the conclusion to deny it.

Your original post was that of a emoji, and us as staff understand what that means. The staff team understands the context behind an emoji, and posting an explanation is seen as taking a shot at the staff team. Plus it was still unnecessary and added nothing to the conversation at hand. This adds nothing again to the thread, there could have been a few different things you could have done to show this person you were not flaming, or trying to upset them.

If you wished to relay that you were not flaming said person of the thread, you simply could have PMed them or DMed them explaining the issue and what happened. 

But instead you posted the description, knowing full well that you just got pointed for the same thing earlier.

In the future please refrain from commenting about warnings in such a manner.

Signed by @Aiko & @Hofer

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