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Monthly Billing for Rank Subscriptions

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Since I have paid for the monthly Diamond subscription, I have realized while reading into the Premium Overview that I am unclear about the total cost of my Diamond status.

I was under the impression that I would pay the monthly fee until I accrued €100 (the stated cost of the lifetime Diamond membership after purchasing the previous rank Tycoon/Sapphire). I am currently paying €20 a month, and have accrued €40, but the only important information my personal billing page gives is the date of next month’s payment. I would like to see the final payment date and accrued total listed as well in the Billing Agreement tab. Or to have it clarified that the subscription is endless, if that is the case.




I cannot find the terms of the payment clearly expressed anywhere on the website, and previous members have been told they need to pay more than the €100 that is listed on the site, after owning Sapphire/the previous rank.

Please clarify these terms on the website and on everyone's account before I and others potentially spend more money than was budgeted. I've spoken with varying staff members and members of the community only to be told the monthly rate most likely does not accrue, or that they too don’t know the nature of the subscription.


Thank you for your time.

EDIT: @Roland My previous inquiry stands, if you could please make this clearer on the website? I ask this as even a portion of staff was unable to assist me. Along with adding mention of canceling the subscription yourself after the 10 months, given it is not stated in the subscription page or the terms of service.

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If you click the subscribe button in your first screenshot it takes you to product page where it is all explained.

There's no summary of how much you paid, you must count the 10 months yourself and cancel it on time. If you want to check how much you have left you can always create a support ticket and I will look it up for you.

So to sum up:

  • The subscription is "dumb", meaning it doesn't know about the 10 months or that you're supposed to get a rank at the end of it, so it is endless (that is specified when you are sent to PayPal to set up a billing agreement and accept terms) and doesn't display any further information.
  • You must count your Premium rank purchase total yourself and cancel on time
  • There is no automatic summary how much you've paid so far because premium rank purchases and all mingled together with item shop and other purchases. I could show a total of ALL purchases, but that wouldn't be very helpful

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