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Character page pictures


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Hello, the all knowing gracious beings known as staff. I have small question, well actually quite big question regarding thing that usually doesn't cross many peoples minds. Character page pictures. Of your character. I have recently made a new character, and now I am being contacted that my character image, in fact cant be drawn. This baffles me. The image in use looks like an older man, completely realistic without any scifi or fantasy elements. But then I get told that no, you may not use it. Intrigued by this I dive into the rules section and find nothing of the matter. Only mention I find about character page pictures requirements is as follows:


Before you can play you will need to create a character page for the character that you wish to play. Your character page must always include a sensible and realistic name, at least one picture of your character and at least 500 characters long backstory about your character."

In the sentence above "At least one picture" is what strikes my eye. It just says a picture. I clearly can see if someone slaps a Wall-E or some crazy anime character onto there that it makes no sense, but well drawn portrait of a person is a nono? If this is so, why is there no set examples what it requires to be? As a support member contacted me about "invalidity" of my character page explaining that it needs to be picture of real person or *Sound of drums* Picture from IN GAME, in DayZ makes no sense for me at all. The vast variety of DayZ models really doesn't do justice to people who want their characters be little more fleshed out than what you can find with rigorous searching from the endless imagebanks of the internet. And why cannot the drawn picture be the 2nd or 3rd picture inside the character profile, but must be deleted nevertheless, even though only people who see it are ones viewing the page? My character page as refrence: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-18393/

So question is. Why are not well drawn, realistic looking pictures allowed, but in game DayZ pictures are and why is this not precisely mentioned within the character page rules/guide. I can clearly see how immensive amount of time it still takes from good support members of the staff, just to skim through the character pages for "invalid" character page pictures. 


I would like this to be responded by people above support, thank you very much.


ASK: @Saunders, Thank you for the swift answer. I still would like to say, that I was asked to remove the picture even as it wasn't the 1st showing picture and as 2nd on my profile. 

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Since you're using a real photo as your first photo and a realistic sketch as your second you will be able to keep it. The reasoning for the private message you received is because Support members are taught that CP's that have sketched photo's is not allowed. We have a checklist of what to PM community members about in regards to invalid CP's and we simply can't add each individual picture type in that checklist as it would be too long. With that said, I will try to make changes to the checklist to make it more clear that as long as a CP has the first photo as a real photo then a realistic drawing/sketch would be allowed. I'd also like to note that the checklist has recently been revamped and is still being update as and when issues like this turn up.


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