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Why do they laugh...

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*Sitting upon a hilltop watching the sun rise, his rifle in his lap Rolo  draws on a piece of paper as he thinks to himself...*

Why do they laugh? Why do they judge? It was only for a few minutes I spoke to her...didn't even get her name...but I helped her...and she laughed...

She wanted directions to the coast and was looking for food so I gave the directions to the best of my knowledge based off the position of the rising sun, but i had no food to spare unfortunately. I know I speak weird sometimes. My words...my thoughts...they get jumbled and I stuttered or just get caught tripping over my own words. I don't do it intentionally. I can't help it. Seven years of fighting in war, seeing atrocities...what sort of person wouldn't go a bit mental seeing this. Add to that another three years stuck in a cramped...cold...prison cell being held by people you don't understand. People who were corrupt and took liberties in causing you pain and torture just because they think you don't belong....I will never go back to that Island...to that Prison. And look here I go again...getting side tracked.

*At this point the picture was looking like a prison cell, a cramped prison cell, with shadows in all the corners, and eyes...black eyes within the shadows....*

She laughed...she laughed at the way I talked, she couldn't stop. She called it cute...

*He started to press harder on his pencil into the paper.*

I didn't find it cute. 

*He presses hard enough that he creates a tear in the paper. Rolo stands and screams at the rising sun, his rifle dropping into the dirt. His was breathing hard and fast as he hyperventilated, clutching at his head with his finger tips, his eyes closed as tight as the could as he tried to ignore the words in his head as he was on the verge of breaking down into tears. Then...Calm. He stood straight taking a deep breath, wiping the tears from his cheek, staring across the woods and fields in front of him.*

I didn't find it cute at all. And if I see her again...she might not either...we shall see.

*He bends down grabs his rifle and slings it over his shoulder. The paper he crumbled up in his hands and threw off to the wayside...to be forgotten as he wanders off into the wilderness yet again.*

I haven't seen the coast in awhile...

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