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"For a better tomorrow"


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*Daniel sits in the dark room with the two other operators, focusing on his ledger after todays' events*

"Yet another day has passed now I've finally gotten in for good with the Corporation, we went out on a mission today. A mission to relocate an old ex-operator somewhere out near Kamenka but to no avail. We did run across some guy, a guy named Matt. We took one of his blood samples for research to the doctors and then went on our way. I like the two guys I'm currently on mission with. Operator Boots and Guts. Former police officer and an operator, working security detail like I did. Nice to see people like yourself." 

*Daniel looks over at the sleeping medic. Guts. Then begins writing again*

"We went to the Kamenka military tents, an outpost that has seen better days, we met some other guy. Wolfgang. Strange fellow, born in Germany but grew up in Norway. Just like with Matt we questioned him and then took a sample of his blood. I'm surprised with how little people resist when asked for their samples. Guess they want to work for a better tomorrow as well."

*Daniel finishes the last word and closes the ledger, putting it back into his backpack and then rests his head against the shelf he is sitting against*

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