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"Nasty business"

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*At the end of the day Daniel sits down in a house, his back against the wall and more stuff than he knows what to do with, he puts the bag by his side and opens it. Grabbing a can of beans, his spork and his pen and ledger*

"Well shit. Today has been, I don't even know how to describe it. I met up at base. Fucking... Fucking hell. This was some crazy shit. When Overwatch told me to come here I expected a warm welcome but damn... Those Corporation fellows are fucking nuts, guess that is how people are today. I saw their prisoner. A man by the name of Matthews, got to look at his files. Jonathan was the name apparently. Seems he had no choice but to obey."

*Daniel hears the creaking of the old house as a light breeze rushes through the air, a few zombies groaning in the distance but otherwise it was calm*

"We went out to scavenge for supplies, food, ammo and guns and I just split ways. I still plan on working for them... So far but I'll do it on my own terms. I did meet some people, this huge gigantuan guy named Juice. No one should be that big and tall. But shit he could handle that SAW well. All in all. Today was crazy. Nothing I expected but I suppose that is life. I'm interested to see where tomorrow leads." 

*Daniel finished the last word and looks over what he has written. He then closes the ledger. Turning off the flashlight and puts the ledger back into his courier bag, laying down on the cold floor and calls it a day*

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