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Message to the Corporation

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*Nikolai presses the PTT*

He-Hello??? Is... is there anybody there????

*he pauses, and shakes. He is afraid. But he has been thinking of this for a lot of time*

I... I want to speak with a representative of the Corporation.

Perhaps we can agree on a trade deal?

*he feels professional*

Please, contact me back.

*He releases the PTT. As he sits to wait for a reply, he keeps thinking: "well... in the worst case, if they cannot help me, they will only collect some blood and tissue samples... right?". Suddenly, he gets worried... "but... what happens if they can actually help?". He passes his hand through his face, and touches the place where his eye is missing*

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Some time passes before a mans hoarse voice  breaks the static

I’ve been told someone tried contacting the Corporation on this frequency. If you have something you think we want, we are always available to speak with in person at the island. If you come meaning no harm, no harm will come to you”

”If you’re too afraid to see us in person, clearly you aren’t ready to deal. Regardless, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you.

Some quiet coughing can be heard before the static returns.

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*Nikolai presses the PTT*

I am not afraid, I will go.

*He is about to pee his pants*

Expect to see me soon.

*He releases the PTT*

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*Nikolai is inside the green cabin, next to the door in Prison Island. As he takes his radio, he considers how little the island has changed since the last time. He wonders if Mr Lemons will still be there*

Hello? I... I am on the island. Anybody there?

*He waits for an answer, and prepares, nervous, what he is going to say...*

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