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Johnny Navid

Johnny is Free.

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*Johnny would press down his PTT following a groan.*

I'm Free. All I remember is Being in my cell . The Corporation is not to be trusted none of them. I dont remember anything after sitting on my bunk in the cell for hours. Everyone stay safe I'm okay now much love.    

*Johnny Would let go of the PTT and would hope that Georgia would not go to the prison island for her own sake.

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*A voice calls out from beyond the radio, a clearly american voice with a slight hint of a country accent reaches out*

"Hedric here. Good to hear that you're safe. Those corp guys sure have been a problem lately. Thanks for the word of warning and the good wishes. I hope you as well stay safe."

*the static of the radio fades back in fairly quickly*

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*Daniel clicks his PTT on a voice with a peculiar very foreign accent comes on*

"Not gonna lie, I'm happy to see that you made it out. I saw what happened to you and I honestly don't wish that on any man. Hope you stay safe and for your own sake, and do not take this as a threat. But stay away from us." 

*Daniel takes a drag from the cigarette, then clicks off the PTT*

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