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"Cold Beginnings"

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*Daniel grabs his ledger, opening it and skipping to a blank page. A new night has begun. The campfire has been set and he has gotten himself rather comfortable in the old medical clinic.*

"Today was crazy. I don't remember how it happened, it all honestly happened so fast. I could feel them ripping through the walls, those disgusting creatures, the zeds as I call them. They wanted me, they were screaming, attracting more of them. I honestly just thought it was over but that guy, whomever it was. Thank god he was shooting off his gun or they wouldn't have left me alone... I think it was a Mosin, maybe one of those hunting rifles the CZ... Something."

*Daniel takes a moment to remember. Listening to the crackling of the poorly made campfire. He had no actual matches or an axe for that matter had to do with what he got.*

"Yeah a CZ-527 I think it is. Anyways was it not for him or her I would have been a goner, as soon as those freaks ran off I made my way out. I was somewhere close to Polana but I'm not quite sure. Thank god I have this Chernarussian translation book now. I don't know how I would have found my way around this country." 

*Daniel pauses. Looking out into the darkness he can hear deer somewhere out in the distance.* 

"Maybe tomorrow brings a new light. Or maybe not... I see this new world as a dice throw. God I miss it back home. I hope that my family is okay. If only they could get my messages."

*Daniel writes the last part of todays' entry and closes the ledger, wrapping the leather bind around it and puts it back in the courier bag, sighing out slightly and laying his head against the wall. He is exhausted and he hopes to get a few minutes of sleep. Maybe even an hour.*


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